Mamatoga Fit Tip: At Home Fitness, Week 3: Strength Training is Where it’s At

I cannot stress enough to both women and men. If you are truly looking for long term, lasting results and if you are truly ready to change your body for the better, you have to rethink your approach to fitness.We let ourselves “go” over months and years but then so many of us expect to regain the body we may have had in our twenties or younger in several weeks? Umm, no. It doesn’t work that way. Ever. And yes, you can go on one of those starvation diets again, restrict your calories, lose more muscle mass along with 10 or 20 pounds in a month only to put it all back on again and possibly more. In addition you will have acquired yet an even higher percentage of body fat, and slowed your metabolism even further, causing a never ending vicious cycle that will leave you feeling like you “just can’t lose the weight and keep it off.” OR…you can vow to end the madness today, swallow your ego a whole lot, instill a big dose of self love, and do it the right way once and for all.


In this week’s segment I am showing you five videos. Each one is a strength exercise that works different muscle groups of the body in different ways. For these exercises you will need minimal equipment, and you can do this workout anywhere. This short but effective series of movements will help to strengthen, and firm your whole body from head to toe, IF you actually do it.


As with the foundation and warm up exercises I have shown you in Week 1 and Week 2, I just want you to get familiar with the exercises and learn how to do them with excellent form, for now. We have one more week coming up to finish this segment of how to videos and then we will be putting this all together into a workout series that you will be able to do for at least a month or more before we need add on to it.


Keep in mind that these exercises are meant to make you stronger and help build muscle so when you perform the movements that require resistance tools you want to be sure you use an amount of resistance that truly challenges you. But also be sure it isn’t SO hard that you cannot perform the exercises correctly. When needed, be sure to follow the suggestions for modifications that are offered alongside the videos here.


Here is the equipment you will need: •    1 set paper plates (or 1 pair “glider” discs) •     1 or 2 resistance bands (varying resistance) with attached handles, and with a door attachment. (Dick’s sporting goods sells them complete with the door attachment and of very good quality. Prices vary depending on the level of resistance) •     A step, chair, bench, or coffee table. What is great about resistance tubing is that you can take it with you anywhere. On a trip, to a park with your kids, in your living room, in your office at work, to a fellow mom’s house for a buddy workout, anywhere. They are also relatively inexpensive.


So to get started hop on over to Real [Fit] Life and check out the how to videos with descriptions here.


Next week we wrap up the how to segment with cardio exercises that will be sure to stoke your metabolism even more and in minimal time.