Mamatoga Fit Tip Tuesday: At Home Fitness – Putting it All Together!

Barbara Streisand sings a great rendition of that song in which Stephen Sondheim even wrote some new lyrics for her specifically. But I diverge…  

Let’s get to it people! Over the last five weeks we have laid out the benefits of working out at home, as well as the exercises you can do at home. I have shown you all of the how to’s and even gave you videos to make sure you knew exactly how to perform these exercises. We went over four specific components which will all play a part in your fitness journey over the next month or so. Foundation, Warm up, Strength, and Cardio. You can read the articles here on Mamatoga’s site and then hit the links to go to my Real [Fit] Life page to see the videos.


I do realize this is the holiday season and most of you are really taxed for time. My recommendation? Take the next two weeks to continue to get familiarized with this program and start strong for the New Year. I will also say, however, that the time requirements in the beginning are much shorter and less frequent , so if you are just too excited to wait, by all means, start now.


Now for the straight talk. Before you begin, clear all pre conceived notions out of your head of what you think serious training looks like. I can tell you now, if you are basing your expectations off of “ certain reality fitness shows”, infomercials, or even what you see the majority of trainers doing in this area (not ALL), you will get impatient quickly and you will try to “add extra intensity and work harder” and you will never get the amazing results that are possible. We all have heard the old adage, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. Well, neither are amazingly fit, strong, healthy bodies. So one more time, swallow your ego, and let’s get down to the nuts and bolts. (I am so excited).


Week 1: Foundation ,Warm Up, and Strength (click on the words to the left here, for the videos and descriptions) All we are focusing on this week are these components. So stay with me people. Do not jump ahead.  Remember, the stronger your foundation, the better your results will be long term and the less likely you are to get injured. On three non -consecutive days this week, you will perform the workouts given. You should have a FULL day of rest in between workouts.


Instructions: There is an A and a B portion. Perform the A workout two times this week and the B workout once this week. Each program is comprised of exercise “pairings”. Perform them back to back for the prescribed number of sets and repetitions before going on to the next pair of exercises. And be sure to rest for the full rest time given. For example, in Workout A you would perform 1a. Inverted hamstring for 5 repetitions on each side, rest 60 seconds, then perform 2a. YTWI for 5 repetitions.  After you rest 60 seconds again you would go back and repeat that sequence two more times BEFORE going on to the next pairing, 2a. and 2b.


Workout A *Rest 60 seconds in between each exercise 1a. Inverted hamstring – 3 sets, 5 repetitions on each side (Warm up) 2b. YTWI -        3 sets, 5 repetitions (Warm up)

2a. Inchworm -        3 sets, 5 repetitions (Warm up) 2b. Lateral lunges -    3 sets, 5 repetitions each side (Warm up)

3a. Kneeling plank w/shoulder taps- 3 sets, 5 repetitions each side (Foundation) 3b. Glute bridge w/marching knees – 3 sets, 5 repetitions each side (Foundation)

Workout B

1a. Mini band external rotation- 3 sets, 5 repetitions each side (Foundation) 1b. Side plank w/chest stretch – 3 sets, 5 repetitions each side (Foundation)

2a. Elevated Push ups – 3 sets, 5 repetitions (Strength) 2b. Squat “runs” – 3 sets, 5 repetitions (Cardio, modified warm up variation)

3a. Step ups – 3 sets, 5 repetitions each side (Strength) 3b. Front/back jumps -3 sets, 5 repetitions  (Warm up)


And remember, to see my "fabulously low budget yet to the point, all shot live in the comfort of my own home" how to videos, go to this link!

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