Mamatoga Moms and Kids Choice Awards 2011: Pediatrician Edition!

They are something no mom can do without, a good pediatrician! And when you find the right one you know it, ask any mom about her pediatrician or experience finding the right one and I'm sure she'll have a lot to say about the subject. I personally LOVE our pediatrician and would be very upset if we had to change, and he wasn't the first one we tried in the area either! If you have a pediatrician you love, show it here by voting for them! Don't forget we have a listing of pediatricians here in case you're still searching for one, and who knows, maybe when the final vote is tallied you'll have a new one to try! And don't forget, all of our polls can be found here and can be voted on until the end of the month, and if you don't see your doctor listed here you can fill them in in the blank space provided to vote for them! [polldaddy poll=5723138]