Mamatoga School Break Survival Guide: Pinterest Crafts I Love

In case you haven't noticed yet readers, I'm in love with Pinterest. Besides being a lovely way to waste time it can also be really useful in getting ideas for parties, crafts, decorating, fashion, pretty much anything. Today for the School Break Survival Guide I want to share my favorite DIY kids crafts and projects to do on a day off from school to inject a little fun and magic into your day. By the way, you can find me on Pinterest here! Happy pinning mamas!

First, let's discuss this amazing Jet Pack. I want to make two of these for Finn and Lev immediately (and I sort of want one myself). Using two soda bottles, some cardboard, ribbon, silver spray paint and just a few other materials you can make this awesome pretend play jet pack that can inspire hours of fun for your little one. Combine it with a trip to the library to find some books about space and maybe a viewing of The Rocketeer and you've got a full day!




I'll give you guys one chance to figure out why I love this DIY racetrack from A Cup of Jo so much...If you guessed the fact that it is made out of WASHI TAPE you are right! But, my undying love for washi tape aside, this is a super cute and super easy way to create a whole lot of fun in any room. And you don't even need to use adorable printed washi tape, you can use plain old duct tape or masking tape, anything that will stick and show up as a track will work. You can make it into whatever crazy racetrack (add a train track too!) pattern you want, have it go up onto furniture or onto the wall and create a new fun way to play with toys your little ones already has!


There is a commercial on TV right now that has a father and daughter making a volcano project for a science fair and Finn is obsessed with it. I'm pretty sure if I remember right the commercial if for some sort of cleaning product because of course the volcano erupts in their kitchen and the "lava" gets everywhere. So even though Finn is beyond eager to try making one of these, you can see why I'd be a little hesitant, but when I saw this preschool version of making your own "volcano"I jumped at the chance to make them. Not just for preschoolers, this project is fun for older kids too! Using just sprinkle sugar, baking soda and vinegar you can make this easy science project (without the exploding lava getting on your walls). They also have a couple other "volcano" ideas that are great for little ones like the one pictured here of mini baking soda eruptions!


I LOVE this colored "glass" craft using food coloring and balloons and it is perfect for cold weather, but beware, this is a MESSY craft! Essentially all you need is water balloons and food coloring, you freeze the balloons then the next day you cut the balloons and peel them off and you have all of these colored "glass" balloons to play with!






This crayon art project looks complicated, and it does need your adult supervision and participation (hot gluing the crayons onto the canvas) but it can be done with little or older kids and any ages would love creating it. It actually is super easy, as I said, gluing the crayons of your choice onto the canvas then blasting them with the hair dryer until they start to melt and create beautiful artwork!





Here at Mamatoga we are all about recycling stuff to use in craft projects, which is why I love these Monster Tissue Boxes! Using these steps they are easy to put together and are so fun, plus they can be used for so many things! Make them just as a fun craft project, use them as a mini beanbag toss game, they can hold little toys in the playroom, there are tons of ideas for these great monsters!