Mamatoga Style: New Year, New (more organized) You!

It might have to do with some instinctual urge to nest kicking in and it might be the promise of a fresh, shiny new year coming, but I am in that mood to clean out the clutter and organize pretty much everything. Out with the old, in with the new! Now is a good time to reorganize toys, donate old stuff to make room for new gifts received over the holidays, recycle old books that are torn or colored in, and get rid of anything broken and unfixable or missing too many parts to be used anymore. But organizing doesn't have to mean just a bunch of new storage bins or baskets, there are plenty of creative and stylish ways to organize your stuff, to add a bit of chic to your home while also keeping things in check. Check out these great ideas to get started!  

  • These great animal silhouettes were designed by Hiroshi Sasagawa to add visual interest and organization to your book shelves, so besides looking really cool in a kids room or on your own bookshelf they also help you maintain a little control over your little library.



  • I love this cute clothes hamper for a kids room, and I know my three year old would love having this since she is still fully in the phase where housework is something "fun" to help out with.






  • Besides having a cute name, this app can help you get yourself more organized using full-featured task management on the go. Bonus features include the ability to swipe to complete tasks quickly, and sort task by priority, due date, or task name.


  • Leave it up to Martha to come up with these great paint can cubbies! If your desktop is about to disappear under piles of paperwork you can create this solution using inexpensive, unused cans that can be purchased at paint stores; lined up on a shelf and anchored in place with Velcro, they become organizing cubbyholes with a modern flair.




  • Also at Martha, she takes the old boot tray idea one step up with this idea of the pebble filled boot tray. Not only does it look so much nicer, any ice and snow will melt and drain through the rocks to the bottom of the tray, so your boots won't stand in a muddy puddle.






  • A few years ago I made the investment of buying this Pottery Barn home office organizer. What's great about it is that it allows you to create a customized system for supreme organization in any room. Each Daily System modular component slides onto a wall-mounted stainless-steel rod, so you can easily move or add each piece. I chose the whiteboard for quick notes, the calendar, the phone/camera/iPod organizer and charging station (which is SO amazing) and a key rack. It was life changing to say the very least.


  • Everyone can use one of these. No explanation necessary...








  • I have yet to come up with a good solution for mail. I have a "mail organizer" which is currently mostly full of stickers, temporary tattoos and pencils from Halloween. There might be some mail in there, one cannot be sure. I love this shutter mail organizer idea because you can separate the mail so nothing gets lost in the shuffle, it can be right there to see and you can paint the shutter whatever color you like! Perfect!




  • Besides being beyond cute, these fabric drawers from Target can be used as standalone organizers or can be part of a shelf, plus they're inexpensive and make cleaning up a little more fun for little ones!





  • Since Finn was a baby I have been telling myself I'm going to get one of these, and now that he can actually read the days of the week I think I might actually go through with it. The morning routine can be streamlined dramatically without the daily outfit selection process, and knowing ahead of time that there is a full week of clean clothes already selected and waiting will make me breathe a lot easier (and maybe have an extra fifteen minutes to snooze!).