Mamatoga Top Ten: Chanukah Crafts

We're back again with a new Top Ten, this time it's for the Top Ten Chanukah Crafts to do with your little ones! Check out these great ideas to get inspired!  

1. Child Friendly Menorah from Indestructables. Using some LED luminaries you can create this kid friendly menorah which will give little ones the fun of using "candles" without the danger of using real ones.




2. Party Favors/Place Settings. I love these not only because they are a cute and easy craft to do with the kids that would look great on your table, but they also use recycled materials! Using paper tubes from toilet paper or paper towels to get crafty is something I remember doing as a child, and this is a super cute way to use them. Using some fabric and ribbon and filling them with whatever trinkets or candy you want, this is a fun craft to put together and the kids will love watching everyone open them up to see what favor they get!


3. Foil Star of David. This one doesn't take much materials to make, just a foil pan, some scissors and some Sharpies and you can get your little one to work on this pretty, display worthy ornament.




4. These Dreidel Game Sets are perfect for handing to out little guests at Chanukah. This is a craft to make with the kids as it takes a little hot glue gun action, but they can have fun filling the jars and tying ribbon, and handing them out! They're also using recycled materials so it's another green craft!


5. This Dreidel Garland uses felt for the dreidels, but it would also look great using construction paper garlands if you want to make it even easier. Simple to assemble, it comes out beautifully and would be a pretty addition to any room. You can pick whatever colors you like to complement your decor and make it as long or as short as you want!





6. Milk Carton Dreidel. Make this adorable no-paint dreidel using blue masking tape and minimize the potential mess! Then head over to Kveller to get the rules on how to play the classic spinning top game played during Chanukah.





7. This Cookie Menorah will be fun to bake and fun for the kids to decorate as well! A baking craft is always nice to do while indoors on a chilly day, and you can bake enough to have some to enjoy now and some to use in your craft!



8. I love this Recycled Dreidel "Paper Dolls" craft, the kids can let their imaginations go wild in decorating each one, get some fun colored yarn for hair and a bunch of googly eyes and they can create a whole cast of characters on their own. Using just crayons or markers to fill in funny faces they'll have a blast with this easy craft.



9. Another toddler friendly menorah, this one looks like you've put in a lot more work than it actually takes. Little ones can help out with all aspects of this simple craft with just a little helping hand from you.






10. What craft Top Ten would be complete without a link from Martha? Use her template to make these great Dreidels and fill them with whatever you choose, they make great place settings or favors or a simple decoration.