Mamatoga Favorites: Great Local Blogs You NEED to Check Out: Part ONE

Part of what I love about running Mamatoga is the community that we've all created here together, and I'd like to try to widen that community even more by introducing you to some great local blogs! I'm going to do this in a two-part series since I've had such a big response from everyone and there are so many great local blogs to feature. So after you've had a chance to check these out stay tuned for even more fantastic local blogs to add to your must read list!  

  • Today Rowan did this... Hi. I’m Jess.  In June 2011, I became Rowan’s mommy.  This blog was started by Rowan’s Auntie (my sister) when I had to go back to work fulltime.  Tears!! The goal was to have some fun by coming up with adventures and professions that Rowan might choose for himself when he is older. We used things we already had around the house or we made minimal props using basic art supplies.  It is now a shared blog between my sister and I, as we continue to make-believe about who my little man might be one day.  We hope you enjoy reading this blog as much as we enjoy making it.  Thank you for joining us on Rowan’s journey.


  • Renovating Regent Hi – my name is Wendy Lawrence.  My husband Chip, our two girls Chloe (4) and Maddie (3) and I just moved into quite the fixer-upper in downtown Saratoga Springs.  Considering how busy our family is (and how disorganized I can be) I decided to start a blog to document this huge transition in our life.  Chip and I are both from Ballston Spa but lived downtown for about 10 years after we graduated college (separately as friends J)  The last 10 years we have lived in a lovely home in Malta but we were always keeping our eyes open for a project downtown.  Chip found 210 Regent and the rest is history.  All the renovations have been done by Chip, myself, family, friends and some sub-contractors but by far this has been a labor of love for Chip and I.  The blog covers everything from before and after pictures to adjusting to life in a new, still under-construction home.


  • OBSESSIVISION My name is Amber Christian Osterhout. I am a mom, creative director, artist, and blogger at What started out as an attempt to organize the creative chaos in my head soon turned into an inspiration & style blog for busy moms, like myself. At OBSESSIVISION, I share past and present interior design, graphic design, culinary, photography, video, DIY, craft & sewing projects. What I hope appeals most is the idea that you can raise a family, hold a full time job, and still find time for style and creativity. Vision improves when the eyes are closed but obsession never sleeps. Join the obsession on FB to stay up to date with the latest from


  • Domestically Seasoned Hi there! I am Janelle from the blog Domestically Seasoned. My inspiration for this blog all started when I was feeling kinda stressed about being domestic. Seriously, who would have thought I would be married, stay at home and have a baby boy (or want more kids). So in order to keep my mind sane and feel inspired about the things I do, I thought I would share them with you. (This is way more cheaper then seeing a shrink!) My house is less clean than it should be, and if it’s noon, there’s a good chance I haven’t had a chance to shower or brush my teeth yet today. It is just how it goes when you stay at home with your kid.  I’m always looking for a stolen moment to immerse myself in my own hobbies, which you will find at Domestically Seasoned . These hobbies include: baking, blog stalking, cooking, sewing, crafting,  face painting, gardening, painting, writing, cooking, thrifting, attempting new recipes, things of the crafty nature, taking pictures of the most adorable baby boy, giving parenting advice, attempting home improvement projects, and talking. Your mom says to read me every day. Don’t be offended but I do Swear (it helps to relieve my anger).


  • Albany Mommies Albany Mommies is a free and local community for families in the Capital District. We provide support, encouragement, and lasting friendship through both our face to face and our online communities. Our Mommies enjoy getting together for play dates, community outings, fundraising events, weekend family trips, mom only events, and much more.

  • Capital Region Finds Erin is a working mom and deal lover who has developed a blog to serve as a “one stop shop” for smart shoppers who also love great deals. The blog posts include information on new coupons and grocery store deals, daily deals for the Capital Region and great online bargains. "Couponing" and taking advantage of deals is a GREAT way to save on your budget and try new things (restaurants, classes, play places) you may not originally try. Check it out and let’s save money together!


  • Saratoga County Mommies As part of The Mommies Network, is a free community for moms in Saratoga County and surrounding areas of New York. We realize that all moms need local support -- and who can't use another friend? offers a simple way to connect with local moms for friendship, support and fun. Members meet on our private discussion forums to share information on everything from where to get the best haircut to tips on transitioning to a "big kid" bed. Each month, we also offer many face-to-face events for our members, their children and their families.