Mamatoga Favorites: Great Local Blogs You NEED to Check Out: Part TWO

I had so many favorite local blogs I wanted to share with you I had to make it a two-parter! Check out Part One here, and get ready to add these fun and informative blogs to your bookmark list, you're going to love them! If you know of any fantastic local blogs I've missed let me know and I'll get them up here too!

  • Ollie Bop My name is Beth Payer {also known as "BOP"}, and I write Olliebop especially for on-the-go families. Ollie is our yellow lab who is a marvelous foot warmer. I type; he sleeps! The story of how Olliebop began -- and the mindset for my blog -- is right here. Essentially, I was seeing my tween and teen growing at an astonishing pace, at the same time that I was craving an outlet for writing and photography. I wanted to create an upbeat reminder for myself and others to enjoy the good moments, as they intertwined with the more challenging ones. In that spirit, Olliebop specializes in fetching finds for families that make life easier, more beautiful, and all around more fun. We offer an upbeat resource on the days you feel you can add some extra flair — or, an escape on the days that you can only fantasize about doing so. We’ll go fetch the best products, tips, tools, and inspiration that we can find and we’ll toss them your way — kind of like sharing a favorite stick. But without the drool. Please join us and take a spin around Olliebop. If you like what you see, consider an email subscription {big pink box on the homepage} so you don't miss a thing. I also post lots of great finds and links on the Olliebop Facebook Page and I'd love to see you there, too. Here's to making the most of a fleeting time in life -- all while living in beautiful Saratoga!



  • The Saratoga Skier and Hiker Jeff Farbaniec is an avid skier and an Adirondack 46er who writes The Saratoga Skier & Hiker, a blog of his primarily Adirondack outdoor adventures. Jeff lives in Wilton with his wife Beth Gelber and their two young children. Check out Jeff's first guest blog for Mamatoga, the Top Ten Ski Deals for 2012 here and you can find more guest posts from Jeff here soon!


  • Inspiring Savings Jen Schreiner is a local mommy blogger who posts about frugal living through family frugal crafts, recipes, coupons, deals and personal money saving tips.






  • The Gorsky House Katie is a semi-crunchy farmer's wife and mom of two boys attempting to stay on top of a small budget, hungry bellies, and the pile of laundry while dealing with a traumatic brain injury. Join her on this sometimes random journey through an awesome life. Find The Gorsky House on facebook here!


  • Gluten Free Saratoga Blog For all of you mama and papatogians living with a gluten allergy this blog is a must read! Suzanne Mangini writes this great informative blog that focuses mainly on the availability of foods (both groceries and restaurants) in the area. Full of recipes, tips on where to get gluten free food in local shops and restaurants and gluten free news this has all the information you need for a gluten free life. Plus, look for an upcoming announcement of a support group too!
  • Savoring Saratoga Aliza writes this fabulous blog on all things food in Saratoga Springs. Read her "honest opinions from a dedicated foodie and stir it up and explore all of the restaurants Saratoga Springs has to offer! Read her guest blog for Mamatoga here and my guest blog for Savoring Saratoga here!
  •  Fun in Saratoga This great blog is described simply as "One resident's thoughts on living in and visiting Saratoga Springs, NY" but it is so much more than that. Writer Dan De Federicis gives us info on local deals, news, photos, stories and so much more!