Mamatoga Guest Blogger: Aliza from Savoring Saratoga on The Best Take-Out in Saratoga

Hello again Mamatoga readers! When Jenny first asked me to write a guest post, I don’t know why – maybe because my mind is particularly food oriented – but the first thing I thought of was dinners. More specifically I thought, “If I was about to have a baby, I would want all of my meals made for me”. Sometimes life gets a little hectic and it makes all the difference in the world to not have to think about cooking dinner. And I know sometimes it’s easy to get in a take-out rut, ordering Chinese and pizza all the time. Don’t get me wrong, those late night deliveries certainly fulfill a certain craving, but sometimes you want a little more variety. So instead of doing another restaurant review, I thought I would give a week’s worth of ideas for take-out meals. I tried to focus on restaurants that had weekly specials or family style take-out, something where the whole family would be happy. I’m also all about eating healthy and teaching kids health conscious habits, so I chose restaurants where I believe you get high quality food for a good price (always a plus).


Monday – Let’s start your week off right. On Monday nights at Jacob & Anthony’s you can order a half platter of pasta, half platter of salad, and Italian bread for only $22.95. This should be enough for a family of four, but if you’re looking for leftovers for lunch it couldn’t hurt to order an extra platter.



Tuesday – Now I know I said I would steer clear of pizza, but somehow I feel like I can break this rule with Forno’s wood fired pizza, it’s just so good. On Tuesday nights you can order either two of their pizzas or two of their stuffed focaccie breads for just $12! And you can add a half platter of their insalata for an extra $6. Not too shabby!



Wednesday – For Wednesday I’m going to recommend something that you’ll have to be a little patient for. Does everyone remember The Cupcake Lab? Well they are in the process of changing locations and they are renaming themselves. Soon they will open their new location on Broadway as Elizabeth’s Table (I’m not quite sure of the exact date). What’s great though is that they are keeping their original menu! Which is why I feel comfortable recommending their take-out family dinners before they’re even up and running. I know their Shepard’s Pie is a favorite ($16 for 2 people, $36 for 4-6) as well as the roasted chicken and garlic mashed potatoes meal for $11.95. They have got an entire dinner to go menu that you should check out once they reopen.



Thursday – So maybe by Thursday your kids (and you) are craving something a little more like…french fries. But since we’re talking healthy let’s call them pomme frites…I think you know the place I’m thinking of. Did you know that Ravenous does take-out? I had no idea! Not only that, but they also sell the crepes and filling separately so you could have a make your own crepe night. Or if everyone is craving something different you could each order your own already made crepe. Either way, I thought crepes for dinner sounded pretty exciting!



Friday – By this point you have made it through your workweek, which in itself is an accomplishment worth celebrating. With that in mind, why not order from a restaurant that you may think of as a little bit on the fancier side?  Maestro’s not only does take out, but they are also willing to make their dishes larger (for whatever reason they weren’t into me calling them “family style”). They recommend two larger entrees for two adults and two children. From what I gathered, the price change for a larger size depends on which entrée you choose, but again…it’s Friday, go all out.



Saturday – For a big comfort food, family style dinner on a Saturday night, I would order from Mama Mia’s. They have a family style catering menu that you can choose from for take out where everything is reasonably priced. I don’t know why, but especially in the winter I always crave big pasta dinners on Saturday nights.



Sunday – I feel like after this week, you’ve had a lot of pasta, does that sound about right? Let’s go for something a little lighter on Sunday, something leaving you feeling healthy and ready for the week ahead of you. How about after a nice walk downtown or through the park you stop by Four Seasons? I LOVE their prepared food section; I honestly think I could have a meal there every day. Don’t even get me started on their peanut sauce or beets, so delicious! And since this is all about having delicious meals at home, either have everyone make their own to-go plate or pile dishes into containers to have a family style dinner at home!

I hope everyone takes advantage of these deals and amazing take-out options. When researching for this post I was surprised how many restaurants are willing to do take-out, it’s funny how I just assumed if it didn’t say so on the website they must not do it. All you have to do is ask! And just wait, some day soon I’ll do a post on in house deals for Saratoga restaurants…it’s gonna be great.


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