Mamatoga Has Bike Fever: Top Ten Tips for Cycle Chic

I know what you're thinking readers, bike fever? First, what is it, and secondly, why do I have it in the middle of January. Not exactly "bike weather". Maybe it's because this winter has been incredibly mild so far, maybe it's because I'm already planning some family outdoor activities with the new baby, maybe its because I've been looking at too many European biking blogs full of happy people wearing cute outfits riding pretty bikes (yes, there are A LOT of these sites surprisingly) but I have a full on case of bike fever. I want a new (vintage) bike and I want it kitted out with all the cute bike gear I can get my hands on.  

  • Now, as I said my dream is to have a vintage bike. But that dream also wants the bike to be in a pretty color (sometimes my girliness cannot be contained), and so if I cannot find a suitably pretty colored vintage bike online I know just where to turn. Public Bikes describe themselves in part as being for "The newbie who is buying an adult bike for the first time who wants to recapture the joy they felt while riding as a kid". This is me. Plus they come in gorgeous colors with even more gorgeous, adorable names like Salted Caramel, Blueberry, Pistachio, Lemon Drop and Grapefruit. I'm pretty sure I want the one in Salted Caramel just so if anyone asks what color it is I can respond with "This? Oh it's Salted Caramel...". The Pistachio is also really cute though, it's a tough one...


  • Now that I have the dream bike picked out I need some gear. I'll take one of these great wire baskets, also from Public. This picture will inspire me to pedal my little Salted Caramel to the Farmer's Market to pick up some goodies to stash in my basket, with a trip to Putnam Wine of course to complete the photo in real life.


  • I would LOVE one of these cargo bikes like this one from Copenhagen. Apparently Copenhagen is like Shangri-La for bikes. In Copenhagen, 25 per cent of families with two or more children own a cargo bike. Mikael Colville-Andersen, exporter of Copenhagen bicycle culture and founder of three blogs (all of which I love) Copenhagen Cycle Chic,  The Slow Bicycle Movement and – calls them “the Copenhagen SUV".


  • I also love this front child seat from Public, the Yepp Mini Front Child Seat. I'm sure after a while I'll get used to the idea of having a little one in a seat behind me like I've seen countless parents do before, but at first I think having the baby in front of me while riding will make me feel more assured, sort of like holding the baby while biking! Sort of...


  • While the baby is riding up front I can throw one of these fabulous French wine boxes from Etsy on the back to carry stuff. Beyond being functional, it can carry groceries, diaper bags, toys, small treasures found along the way on travels, it is also incredibly cute, always a good combination.





  • Speaking of diaper bags, I absolutely love this one. Handmade with a heavyweight cotton webbing adjustable strap, this chic and roomy eco-friendly tote from France would make a great diaper bag since it is made from Anti-Stain Canvas, plus you can pick your own strap color! Perfect!




  • My Bike Fever has to include a pretty little bike bell too, of course, and there are so many options to choose from. I love this simple, pretty one from Public with their signature stripe as the only accent, but there is also the fun and quirky route to take with this cupcake one as well. Decisions, decisions...












  • Again, I realize it is January, but I still have visions of picnics in Congress Park dancing in my head, and this beautiful blanket accessory isn't helping to put those dreams aside. I'd love to have this pretty little blanket to toss on the grass and spread my picnic out on it, or just lounge on it while looking up at the clouds or enjoying Shakespeare in the Park. The possibilities with this pretty picnic blanket are endless.



  • One of the best parts of biking is that you can get some exercise, be outdoors, but still dress up (if you prefer, which I do from time to time)! Biking in heels? Yes! Biking in skirts! But of course! Head over to City Girl Rides for the girls guide to riding a bike in a skirt.








  • Now for the definitive guide to staying chic while on a bike, head over to Cycle Chic, dubbed "The Sartorialist on two wheels" and selected as one of the 10 best fashion blogs by The Guardian. Full of gorgeous pictures this is such a fun site to take a spin through to get ideas, inspire you, and create your own perfect bike dream!