Mamatoga Loves: The Honest Company

When I first heard about The Honest Company, started by Jessica Alba and her partner to bring safe, eco-friendly, beautiful, convenient, and affordable baby products to families I knew I had to try it. Alba founded The Honest Company along with Christopher Gavigan, former CEO of non-profit group Healthy Child Healthy World, after discovering that toxic chemicals were often disguised as "fragrances" on product labels and finding that not all eco-friendly and natural products worked efficiently. Safe baby products are important to all of us, it seems like every other day you find out about a new dangerous chemical in these products that we put right on babies skin and it can be almost paralyzing when trying to make the best decision as far as what is safe. Brands our parents trusted growing up turn out to be using bad chemicals, and it can be hard to know where to turn.The problem also arises when you find something that IS safe but turns out to be almost prohibitively expensive. You want to do what is best for your child, but sometimes paying twenty dollars for a bottle of baby shampoo just isn't practical. The same goes for diapers. Unfortunately the more safe and natural an option is usually means it will be more expensive. Add biodegradable to that and that adds even more to the cost. So you can see why I was excited to try what The Honest Company had to offer, especially with a free trial.

First, let me tell you a little about how The Honest Company works. When I first looked into it I was happily surprised to find out it is like a diaper and baby product subscription service. I've been a long time fan of, I love being able to have it all delivered to my door when I need it, and The Honest Company goes one step further by having you set up your deliveries ahead of time. You answer a few questions about your family's product and diaper needs and they set up a "nursery" for you. You can either have just diapers, just products, or both delivered to you on a monthly basis. Once you figure out what it is you need and want you can customize your nursery from their list of products. They have bath and body products including stuff like body oil, shampoo and conditioner, sunscreen and lotion and also cleaning products like laundry detergent, dish soap and hard surface cleaner.

The diapers are made of 100% non-toxic, chlorine-free, sustainable, and plant-based materials. They are naturally biodegradable and made of pure plant-based PLA (which means it is derived from renewable resources like corn starch) in the inner & outer sheet with no petrochemicals or oil. The BIO-Core is a mix of wheat and corn starch blended with acrylic polymers. They do NOT contain any chlorine, perfume, phthalates, lotions, optical brighteners, PVC, heavy metals, and organotins (MBT, DBT, TBT). Another great part is that they come in some super cute designs and prints as well. Anchors, gingham and skulls and crossbones for the boys and blooming flowers, ice cream cones and stars for the girls, plus a plain white for the more traditional diapering enthusiasts. I ordered a combination of the anchors and plain white for baby Jack and I have to say they are fantastic. Softer than I expected, they are snug and soft on his new skin. I forgot to bring them to the hospital and after a few days of hospital diapers he had quite a little rash on his butt that has cleared up right away after switching to the Honest diapers. They don't leak either, a problem I've encountered before with newborn diapers, and I love the idea that there aren't any bad chemicals close to his sensitive skin.

I wasn't sure what to expect of the wipes. I'm extremely picky about wipes, the scent (or lack thereof), the texture, durability, I've gone through dozens of brands of wipes, sometimes throwing them all out in frustration. I couldn't seem to find a wipe that had everything I was looking for. Either they were chemical free but too flimsy or they were super strong and heavy duty but also came with heavy duty fragrance. Especially with a newborn you want a good quality, durable wipe that isn't going to irritate their skin but is going to get the job done when you're bleary eyed at four in the morning cleaning up after the fourth diaper of the night. These wipes fit the bill perfectly. Made with vegetable and plant extracts to promote healthy skin they are infused with a botanical blend of pomegranate and grapeseed oil (antioxidants), calendula & cucumber (to soothe), and glycerin & honeysuckle (to moisturize) so they are gentle enough for Jack's new butt but can also get the job done. Thick enough and strong enough to tackle the dirtiest diaper aftermath, their more absorbent cloth is made from sustainably harvested plant cellulose material with no petro-chemicals, chlorine, or anything synthetic. They are 100% biodegradable, flushable, hypoallergenic and chlorine-free which means worry free for parents. Plus since I signed up for a new membership I'm getting a one month supply of the wipes for the lifetime of my membership as a limited promotion they're offering!

Since baby Jack is still not ready for his first bath I tried out the new products on a willing Finn and Lev who can't wait for tub time every night. Both are super sensitive to getting shampoo in their eyes so they loved this tear-free, plant-based shampoo and body wash. Like all of their bath products, the scent is just incredible. Delicate and not overpowering at all, the subtle sweet orange vanilla is just the right amount of fragrance. The conditioner also has the same gorgeous scent and did an amazing job with Levy's super long hair, which is no small feat in itself. The sweetness of the scent is sophisticated rather than the typical bubble gum variety you find with most kids products. Think less orange creamsicle and more orange soufflé with vanilla sugar crème fraiche. You just want to eat it up with a cup of perfectly steeped Earl Grey.

The healing balm is a multi-purpose ointment meant to protect and soothe everything from diaper rash to chapped cheeks. Made with 0rganic plant extracts it gently protects, balances redness, and soothes dry and sensitive skin. I love that it is made with organic essential oils like sunflower oil, tamanu oil, chickweed oil, and olive oil with no preservatives or synthetic fragrances. It has added anti-bacterial and anti-fungal ingredients, including castor oil, to battle chafed, flakey, or existing skin rashes, to help seal out germs to prevent future diaper rash. I can see using this for the whole family, including Sean and myself, and a little bit goes a long way.

The household products are also fantastic. I love that the dish soap can be used on more than just dishes, you can use it on floors, to wash the car or bikes, clean the dog, scrub the deck, or virtually anything where a simple soap is needed. The laundry detergent is great not just for sensitive baby skin but for the whole family's wash, especially fine washables like wool and silk.

One of the best parts of The Honest Company? The price. They have a "price compare" section on their site where you can compare their costs with the costs of other leading conventional brands and other leading natural brands and it is really surprising how inexpensive these beautifully made and beautifully packaged products are. And beyond keeping prices low, with every product you purchase The Honest Company donates product, money, time, and effort to addressing critical health and social issues affecting children and families. This year, their nonprofit partner is Baby2Baby – who supplies families in need with essential baby clothing and gear, like baby diapers. So while paying low prices for this great stuff delivered right to your door you are also giving back to a great organization.

All in all I give The Honest Company two thumbs up and the Mamatoga Seal of Approval. I've even started using some of their products on myself, the sweet orange vanilla scent in the shower in the morning puts a smile on my face. I'm planning on trying even more of their products in my next shipment, and I'll update you guys on any new reviews as I try all of their stuff. For now, head over to their site and get a free trial of their products today! I guarantee you'll be hooked.