Mamatoga Recipes: Jell-O Fun!

I never stop counting myself lucky to have my mother living nearby, and the kids love when they get to spend time with their Grandmatoga, who the kids call "Nina" (Finn couldn't get the hang of Nana when he was little so Nina it is). She always tries to come up with fun ideas for them, even unearthing the old Ewok village that my brothers and I had as children (which she still has for some reason...) that the kids just go nuts over. This past visit she outdid herself, and I'm sure I'm going to get requests for this one over and over again, Jell-O worms! This is a fun little treat to make that is definitely a departure from the usual after school snack, and it'll make a great addition to any birthday or Halloween party menu as well! But you don't have to stop there, there are tons of fun ideas to make with Jell-O, even some adult ones that will surprise you, check them out!  

  • Jell-O Worms. The best, most complete how-to that I could find is here at The Idea Room. Using plastic bendy straws and an empty, cleaned 1-quart milk or orange juice carton to hold the straws you'll have to make these at least one day ahead of time but they are well worth the effort. They look so much like actual worms and Finn was overjoyed at the idea of eating them all up.



  • Jell-O Boats. This idea is much easier than the worms but just as fun. Simply fill some plastic cups with blue Jell-O, let it set, then top with orange slice "boats" with a toothpick and construction paper sail. These are just beyond adorable and you can even toss a Swedish Fish or two in the Jell-O "water" for an extra added effect. I love the idea of these as a fun surprise after school or served at a Pirate themed party!


Now for the adult Jell-O recipes!


  • Jell-O watermelon slice shots. These watermelon shots are much cuter than the Jell-O shots some of us may remember from our college days, and dressed up with a little smattering of basil seeds they wouldn't remind anyone of a keg party. Get the recipe and how-to here.