Baby Jack's First Photo Shoot at Image Photo and Events

Last week we bundled Baby Jack up for his first ever photo shoot at Image Photo and Events. He's pretty used to me taking a million pictures of him by now, but this was the first time he had someone else take his picture, and was only about the third time we've taken him out somewhere so far as well. The studio was nice and comfortable, and Jack snuggled in to their little baby set up which consisted of a bean bag draped with a blanket for the background with a heating pad hidden underneath. There were also a few space heaters going which kept him nice and cozy. The best part of the shoot was the contagious enthusiasm Elizabeth and her assistant Julie had. You would have thought it was their first newborn shoot ever the way they fussed over Jack, picking out different backgrounds and different wraps to use. I felt as if they were photographing their own new baby, they were so excited and upbeat it made the entire experience fun and so special for us. They were super patient too and took their time in an effort to get some great photographs, and the proof is in the results, which turned out fantastic! If you're interested in doing a newborn shoot check out their website here, which has information on the many other types of shoots they offer as well.