Guest Blogger Diane O'Connor: Fears and Sleeplessness

I don’t like the word – fear. I’m scared of it, yet I’m old enough to know that to face your fear is to conquer it. Try telling that to a four-year-old who has suddenly become very afraid of the dark and comes into Mom & Dad’s room every night to escape the dark, scary shadows of his room. I’ve read up on the topic, and I know it is part of a child’s natural development. I’ve dealt with the same fear myself, even as an adult. When I lived in Manhattan in my twenties, I was terrified to sleep alone in my apartment and would sometimes sleep with a hammer under my bed.  (Luckily my roommate never surprised me in the middle of the night.)  Now that I rest my head in a sleepy suburb, with my family and two rough and tough watchdogs in the house, I’m not quite as scared anymore. But my little B is - and I’m not sure how to help him through this.

I’ve acknowledged his fears, told him that it’s natural to be afraid of things you can’t see, talked with him about shadows, made shadow puppets together, added two (2) night lights, left the hall lights on, but I’m just not sure how to get him sleeping in his own bed again – through an entire night.

If anyone has any tips, feedback, success stories, please let me know! You can email me at and I’ll feature your feedback in a future blog post. Plus you can follow me on Twitter @SaratogaPRgal. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!


Diane O'Connor is a wife, proud mom of 2 pre-schoolers, and a marketing/PR career gal based in Saratoga. She adores her family and is passionate about her career and believes the daily juggle is never easy, but it is always an adventure!