Guest Blogger Diane O'Connor: New Year's Resolutions

Ok, I have a confession. We’re well into 2012 and I have yet to begin my New Year’s Resolution. It seemed like a really simple concept, and I was so jazzed about it – my pledge to wake up each day one hour earlier than my usual time. It sounded so simple, and easy to implement. The extra hour in the morning would create “me” time. In theory, I’d wake up before everyone else in the household. I would savor coffee (as opposed to the occasional gulp during the morning multitask). I would run on the treadmill while catching up on the day’s headlines (instead of running in to and out of the shower, running to get the kids dressed, fed and ready for pre-school), and maybe even spend some extra time on my appearance – rollers? flat iron? makeup? (instead of doing my makeup in the car as it warms up).

But, I haven’t yet started.

I have a long list of excuses, each more lame than the first. I was sick for the first two weeks of the New Year with a horrible cold, then I was traveling for business (in another time zone), then I had jet lag when I returned from the trip, then I didn’t want to wake my 4 year old who is now sleeping in our room every night…then I got a cold again... I’ll spare you the rest.

Have you been true to your New Year Resolution(s)? What are they? Were they created to simplify your daily routine, your family life, or to create some ‘you’ time? I’d love to feature your thoughts and ideas, and I need some inspiration!

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Diane O'Connor is a wife, proud mom of 2 pre-schoolers, and a marketing/PR career gal based in Saratoga. She adores her family and is passionate about her career and believes the daily juggle is never easy, but it is always an adventure!