Guest Blogger Janelle from Domestically Seasoned: Mommy Balance

After the intensity of adjusting to life with Calvin, I have reached a point where I find I am like an ostrich- lifting my head out of my ass the sand and discovering a wider world. The repetitiveness and endlessness of baby care has been a very different pace of life, especially if you’re used to a goal-oriented tasks and lots of adult, school age children interaction.  

Six ways I have restore a little balance to normalcy (does that really exist?):

  1. Join a parenting group or form one yourself: I currently have a group of friends (from college) that offers a lots of support through activities and resources. Some of the advice has been the best yet. If you have no friends with babies, or you just have no friends you can: Check the listings in your local paper or at your library, your place of worship, or the doctor’s office for meeting announcements. There are groups for breastfeeding moms, parents of color, working parents, book-reading parents, SAHP(stay at home parents), and so on — or you might find (or start!) a neighborhood group( I hope to interact more with my SAHM’s(stay at home moms) in my neighborhood this summer). I really liked the idea of going to a pottery place and making art with a group of moms, kid-less of course(I hope to attend one soon).

  2. Go online. I Keep in touch with my friends or family by e-mail, facebook and parenting blogs(yup I am one of them now) or just to check in on “the outside world” at news sites. Reading blogs can be reassuring to see how similar other peoples’ problems are to your own(lots of crazy folks out there).

  3. Spend some time by yourself. I make sure to get a real break — a chance to relax, focus on myself, and get inspired. Ideally, I find half an hour just for me each day to write a blog, put makeup on, paint my nails and maybe a nap. This might sound sad, but sometimes I just sit in the bathroom, with the door shut, to spend sometime by myself. Most people leave you alone in there.

  4. Read. I keep a book or magazine for those times when Calvin naps. Even if it’s just reading a few pages a day, I can “escape” to a world of fiction or learn something new. Lately I have been reading chicken noodle soup for the mothers soul.

  5. Start a blog or a diary. Doing that as we speak. Check out my reason why I started one here.

  6. Have an adult conversation. Whether it’s over the phone or in person, I love chatting with friends, relatives, and my partner. They have re-energized me. I have often found myself talking to people at the grocery store check out an my retired neighbors outside.


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