Mamatoga Fit Tip Tuesday: The Paper Plate Workout and Nutrition Basics, Part II

This week we break down the next three exercises to our At Home, Paper Plate Workout. (aka, The “excuses are lame, so let’s eliminate any opportunity for them” workout) Two of this week’s exercises use the paper plates. (I do want to make sure you get your money’s worth, after all) Next week we will learn a paper plate exercise that even your kids will be sure to get a kick out of!

Just like last week’s recommendation, take this week to get familiar with these exercises. You can also continue to practice the first three movements that I taught you last week.

I have provided some pictures here on Mamatoga’s pages but there are more how to videos on Real [Fit] Life as well, so be sure to click on the link and hop over to Real [Fit] Life to read more about the exercises, and watch the videos,  when you are done here.


Use your warm up that I gave you for the At Home Workout I showed you on here in January. The exercises in this workout are slightly more advanced. The exercises I gave you in our first At Home Workout series will prepare you for this workout. So…do not just jump into this if you haven’t done the other workout yet. Start at the beginning. I promise you, it will be so worth the extra effort.

Exercise #1

T push ups / modified

This is an excellent core stabilization exercise, and takes things to a whole other level! You can do these anywhere and they work your whole body!

I am showing the modified variation first because most people cannot do these on the floor right from the start. That is okay, too! Remember, it is always more important to ace the form before you progress to a more difficult variation. In reality, you only “progress” if you can execute the move properly.

You will also find the video for the more advanced floor variation on my Real [Fit] Life page, with all the other how-to videos for this week’s segment.

Some tips:

  1. You must stay in one long line form your heels to the crown of your head. Do not let your head dip forward, or below your shoulders.
  2. Keep your abs braced, and your shoulders over your wrists the whole time.
  3. Lead with your chest when you lower.  Go full range of motion. On your way back up, fully extend your arms.
  4. Watch my feet closely in the modified video to see how to pivot and stagger the feet for better balance and support. When you are ready for the next level, you can then “stack” the feet the way I do in the T push ups / floor video.
  5. When you rotate to side plank, keep your hips lifting away from the floor at all times, and when you open to the side be sure to stack hip over hip, shoulder over shoulder, and FULLY open up through the chest. Pause before you rotate back to center.

Exercise #2

Reverse Lunge Slides with paper plate

I love this exercise because I find that this makes the reverse lunge more accessible. You can also do these with a chair beside you for some balance assistance, if you are feeling wobbly. Hold on as little as possible, however. The goal is to be able to do these free standing eventually or you will never get the true benefit.


  1. Stand tall with your abs braced, shoulders over your hips, and one foot on a paper plate.
  2. PRESS INTO the paper plate with your moving leg and slowly slide your leg directly behind you as you bend your knee.
  3. Do not lean your torso forward as your leg goes back. Stay tall.
  4. The back knee MUST BEND. (I see a lot of people slide the leg back but keep it extended. Don’t do that!)
  5. As you slide the moving leg back to start, again, PRESS INTO the plate with your moving leg.

Exercise #3

Glute Bridge / Eccentric Hamstring Slide with paper plates

If you already followed the first At Home workout we presented here on Mamatoga and Real [Fit] Life, then this one will look familiar. Hey, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. This is a great exercise which helps to strengthen the back, glutes, and hamstrings, and it is well worth repeating. Be sure to keep all four parts of this movement clean and precise.


  1. You must keep your abs braced throughout. By keeping the abs braced, this should also prevent you from overly arching your back. Keep your abs braced to help stabilize your spine.
  2. You must keep your hips lifting away from the floor as your legs slide away from you. Stabilize.
  3. Do not lift your head off of the floor. Be careful not to strain in your head and neck, or to shrug your shoulders up to your ears. Keep your head, neck, and shoulders relaxed.
  4. Fully extend your legs away from you before you slowly lower your hips and legs down to the floor. Do not let the hips just drop and do not stop short with the legs.

Basic Nutrition Tip #2

Have a good protein source with every meal.

For more on the WHY part of this Basic Nutrition Tip, to learn about some great protein sources, and to watch the how to videos for The Paper Plate Workout hop on over to Real [Fit] Life.

See you next week for Part III!