Mamatoga Fit Tip Tuesday: The Paper Plate Workout and Nutrition Basics, Part III

This is our final week learning all the fun, do anywhere exercises, that make up our new At Home, Paper Plate Workout, using those “hard to find” items, (ahem, NOT) Paper Plates. So today I have four final exercises for you. I guarantee even your kids will have fun trying #4, the Crocodile Walk. (You can have races!) Take this week to familiarize yourself with these exercises and then next week we will start to put all of this together.

I don’t know about the rest of you parents, but I am still playing catch up from last week’s school vacation, (vacation for the KIDS, anyway) so let’s get right down to this!

Just like our first two weeks, I have provided some pictures here on Mamatoga’s pages but there are more how to videos on Real [Fit] Life as well, so be sure to click on the link and hop over to Real [Fit] Life to read more about the exercises, and watch the videos,  when you are done here.


Use your warm up that I gave you for the At Home Workout I showed you on here in January. The exercises in this workout are slightly more advanced. The exercises I gave you in our first At Home Workout series will prepare you for this workout. So…do not just jump into this if you haven’t done the other workout yet. Start at the beginning. I promise you, it will be so worth the extra effort.

Exercise #1

Sliding Knee Tucks

This is another terrific total body exercise. The main goal here is to stabilize the torso while you draw the knees into the chest and then back to what is known as Plank position.


  1. Keep your abs braced and your hips lifted
  2. Keep your shoulders aligned directly over your wrists the whole time
  3. Don’t overly round your back (elevate your hands on a step if you need more space)
  4. Keep your torso still as your legs move

Exercise #2

Lateral Lunge Slides

This is a great strengthener for the inner thighs. If stepping lunges are too hard, you may have an easier time with the slide variation first.


  1. Brace your abs and stand tall
  2. As you slide your moving leg out to the side, bend the non- moving knee. The action of the hips must go back to the wall behind you.
  3. Keep your torso squared straight ahead
  4. Keep the foot of your moving leg pressing down into the plate at all times
  5. Do not lean forward too much

Exercise #3

Sliding Mountain Climbers

This is a great cardio exercise that gets your whole body involved. If traditional Mountain Climbers are too challenging, you may find these to be a nice transitional move. Once you have them down, and you can really stabilize, try and increase your speed!


  1. Follow all the same exact tips that I gave you for #1 above Sliding Knee Tucks

Exercise #4

Crocodile Walks

This is a fun exercise that really works your upper body as well as your core stabilizers.


  1. You guessed it. Brace your abs! Keep your back and your hips lifted. (If you feel any discomfort in your back stop immediately)
  2. Keep your fingers, and wrist creases facing forward at all times!
  3. Don’t let your head drop below your shoulders
  4. Keep your arms fully extended
  5. You must smile while you do these! (Yes, I am serious)

(I would LOVE if some of you would send me pics and videos of YOUR Crocodile Walks, so please do!)

Basic Nutrition Tip #3

Do NOT be afraid of Carbs! They are part of a healthy, well balanced diet, and your body needs them!

For more on the WHY part of this Basic Nutrition Tip, to learn about some great carb sources, and to watch the how to videos for The Paper Plate Workout hop on over to Real [Fit] Life.

See you next week when we put this all together and continue with our Basic Nutrition Tips!