Mamatoga Freebie Friday Giveaway: Starbucks Edition

Ah, coffee. Or should I say ah, caffeine. Because whatever form it comes in, Earl Grey, latte, espresso, frappucino, I love it. And need it. I NEED IT. I must admit there have been more than a few nights when I'm drifting off to sleep looking forward to my first cup of tea or coffee in the morning. The little boost helps me get going, a nice little warm shove out the door helping me to get on my way and be productive. And all coffee or tea drinkers have their own little favorites. Although I'm not that picky when I really need it (I'll take a black coffee or plain tea as long as its hot and isn't decaf when I'm desperate) my favorite is a grande skinny vanilla soy latte from Starbucks, I've been drinking it for YEARS. And speaking of Starbucks, for today's giveaway I'm giving away a $15 Starbucks gift card to one lucky reader. All you have to do to enter is comment here on what YOUR favorite coffee or tea drink is to get you going when you need a little boost. Are you a macchiato fan or do you like café au lait? Are you an iced mocha person or a green tea lover? Let me know in the comment section and the gift card is yours. And fifteen bucks can get you, what, three coffees at Starbucks? Maybe two coffees and a cake pop for your little one :) Happy Friday readers! xoxo- Jenny