Mamatoga How To: Oscar Party for Kids

Here at Mamatoga we love family movie nights. We all get on the ottoman empire, snuggle in with our blankets, pop up some popcorn and have mini movie marathons. Technically, Levy has never made it past one movie before falling asleep, but we still include her in the movie recap discussion the next morning over breakfast. This Sunday will be the 84th Oscar Awards, something my Mom and I have always watched together. We used to go see every movie nominated for Best Picture (and as many of the other nominees as we could) and would print out ballot sheets and see who could pick the most winners while enjoying a delicious spread of appetizers and champagne for our own personal Oscar Party. This year we're going to split it up, one family style party and one adult party (let's face it, the only difference will be the champagne coming out once the kids are in bed). The kids party, rather than have them sit through an awards show they would no doubt find incredibly boring, is going to include some yummy goodies and a selection of Oscar nominated family movies. Here I'm going to give you my picks for the top Oscar movies for kids and some delicious treats to go along with the party.


  • Babe This fantastic family movie (aka the movie that turned me into a vegetarian) lost the Best Picture Oscar to Braveheart, but remains one of my all time favorite films. Just be prepared to explain certain life lessons to your kids when they ask things like "What happened to Babe's mom?"






  • Up Although this great flick lost the Best Picture award, it did walk away with two Oscars in its year. Sweet and fun, this movie will be a crowd pleaser for the whole family.





  • Fantastic Mr. Fox Although it was nominated for some Oscars it didn't win any, but this movie makes my list because I'm a HUGE Wes Anderson fan (as well as a Jason Schwartzman fan). Quirky and cute you'll find yourself rooting for Fox as he tries to escape the mean farmers.






Now for some treats...

  • Olive penguins These ridiculously cute appetizers are also ridiculously easy. Olives + cream cheese + carrots = the most adorable Oscar party appetizers known to man.





  • Popcorn What Oscar party would be complete without popcorn?! Print out these great popcorn bags from my favorite Twig and Thistle to make the treat that much more fun.







  • Star Worthy Cupcakes For dessert get inspired by these sweet little star cupcakes from Sprinkles. Simple and cute, these cupcakes would be the perfect way to top off a family Oscar film viewing party.






For even more movie ideas, click here for a list of family friendly flick from this year's crop of nominees!