Mamatoga Spotlight: "Buy Two, Give One" Campaign This Weekend at the Farmer's Market

This weekend will be the second "Buy Two, Give One" Campaign happening at the Saratoga Farmer's Market. I recently got the chance to talk to the creator of this fantastic food drive, local mom Nicole Kempton, read more from her about this easy way to donate fresh food immediately here.

This Saturday, February 11th, the Saratoga Farmers’ Market will run its second “Buy Two, Give One” campaign to benefit the Saratoga Springs EOC Food Pantry. December’s campaign saw over 200 pounds of fresh produce donated to the food pantry. I started the “Buy Two, Give One” campaign as a way of helping local families in need while supporting local farmers at the same time.  Market shoppers can buy an extra of any item in the market, and immediately donate it to the Saratoga Equal Opportunity Council food pantry. While shopping at the market in the fall, I saw some high school students advertising a food drive sponsored by Con Agra Foods.  I thought to myself that while it was wonderful that they were spearheading this project, it was a shame that I was walking out of the farmer’s market with baskets full of lovely, local fruits and vegetables, and the food that would likely be donated to the pantry would be highly processed, full of salt, and supporting the industrialized food system.  There had to be a better way.  One in eight families now struggle to put food on the table, and they need access to fresh, whole foods now more than ever.  So I called up the farmers’ market and got in touch with the Equal Opportunity Council, and they loved the idea, and have backed it one hundred percent.

Another very important part of the campaign is supporting local farmers, many of whom have had a particularly tough year in the wake of Tropical Storm Irene and the damage it caused to local crop fields.  And while most people (myself included) aren’t in a position to make a large cash donation on a weekly basis, many market shoppers would be happy to buy one extra item, such as an extra squash or dozen eggs, to send to the food bank.

Plus, it’s a great day out with the kids!  The Winter farmers’ market is a great place for the kids to dance to live music, touch and feel vegetables (and hopefully come away inspired to eat them), and just enjoy the festive atmosphere.  If the snow continues to hold off, there’s a great playground behind the school too.  So I hope you’ll come out and show some love this Valentine’s Day to the farmers’ market and local families that need your support!

How it works:

Market shoppers can choose to buy one more item – produce, eggs, milk, etc. – and that item will be immediately donated to the Saratoga EOC Food Bank.

The details:

Where: Saratoga Springs Farmers’ Market at Division Street Elementary School (Winter location)

When: 9am-1pm on Saturday, February 11th

For more information, contact Nicole Kempton on (301) 385-4912, or Suzanne Carreker-Voight on (518) 428-8858,