Mamatoga's Top Ten Newborn Essentials

Well, I'm just over two weeks in with Baby Jack. He's been incredible and it has been an absolutely dreamy two weeks. And during that time I've come to realize just how important certain items are to making the whole newborn train run smoothly. Here I'm going to share my newborn essentials and I want you guys to let me know your newborn essentials, maybe I'm missing out on something! Specifically if you have any magic tricks to look rested when you've had three hours of sleep. I need that essential...


  • Medela Pump in Style Don't let the name fool you readers. There is nothing stylish about this pump, nor will you feel like you are doing ANYTHING "in style" while using it. I believe the "style" moniker is because of the black carrying bag but alas, style does not apply to that either, nor do I want to carry my pump around in public. No. That being said, this is in my top ten for a reason and that is because it is hands down the best pump ever. It gets the job done efficiently, quickly and somewhat easily and although it is a bit on the pricy side it is worth every penny. I bought mine back when I was pregnant with Finn and have used it each time since and I still love it. But the name? They should change it to "Pump Efficiently" or "Pump Happily in Private".


  • Boppy This should really be called "Can you get me the Boppy" because that is how it is always addressed in this house. "Levy can you give Mommy the Boppy honey?" I'm always making sure the Boppy is not far away. Besides being a nursing essential, Jack snoozes in it, the kids snooze on it and it makes a handy little pillow for catnaps.




  • Aden and Anais Bamboo Swaddle Blankets You've heard me rave about these beautiful, oversize swaddling blankets made from natural bamboo. They are absolutely gorgeous and seem to get softer the more I wash them (which is a LOT). I love the fact that the bamboo ones have more sophisticated designs on them, not the usual cars or teddy bear type motif. I've said it before and I really might do it one day, these blankets would make excellent and cozy scarves. So if you see me grabbing a chai latte at Uncommon and I've got one around my neck, no, I haven't lost it due to lack of sleep, I've just finally given in to my urge to use one as a fashion accessory. Maybe I'll start a new trend, swaddling scarves...



  • Hevea pacifier Now, I'm sure some of you are anti-pacifier. I am not. Especially not when I've been nursing the baby for what seems like two hours. I knew I'd want to have one on hand just in case Jack turned out to be a pacifier baby, and I love that these cute looking Danish pacifiers are 100% natural rubber, BPA free, PVC free and phthalates free.




  • Honest Company diapers Here is another brand I've fallen in love with. When Jack was in the hospital he developed quite a diaper rash from the regular hospital diapers we were using on him. Once we got him home and got these diapers on his little butt it cleared right up (with the help of their healing balm too). Costing less than the "natural" brands on the market and just a tiny bit more than the regular diapers out there, these diapers are 100% non-toxic, chlorine-free, sustainable, and plant-based materials. They are naturally biodegradable and made of pure plant-based PLA (which means it is derived from renewable resources like corn starch) in the inner & outer sheet with no petrochemicals or oil. The BIO-Core is a mix of wheat and corn starch blended with acrylic polymers. They do NOT contain any chlorine, perfume, phthalates, lotions, optical brighteners, PVC, heavy metals, and organotins (MBT, DBT, TBT) so you can feel good about putting them close to new delicate skin.



  • Takeout I'm SO glad there are so many fantastic takeout places in our area. Beyond just the usual pizza or Chinese food (or Chipotle or Five Guys) there are also a ton of options of real dinners from some great local restaurants at affordable prices. We've hit up almost all of the options Aliza from Savoring Saratoga gave us all here. Plus with the new Elizabeth's Table opening soon it will be even easier to get healthy, delicious food for the family to go!




  • Apple TV After too many nights of bleary eyed late night television watching I've come to the conclusion that TV at 3am is terrible. Why am I watching an infomercial for two minute fat burner workouts when I can be watching old episodes of Downton Abbey? I'm moving the Apple TV upstairs TODAY readers to make those late night feedings more entertaining.



  • Keurig Coffee Maker This coffee maker is so easy to use even a child could do it (and trust me, I have thought about teaching Finn how to use it...), you just pop in the K-Cup, push the button, and voila! Hot, delicious, energy giving coffee (or tea) comes your way instantly. Bliss.





  • Pretty nursing bras Nursing bras usually lack, well, everything that can make you feel pretty. They are usually mostly functional and utilitarian looking. BUT there are pretty and affordable nursing bras out there, ones that you'll want to keep wearing even after you're done nursing, I swear. My current favorite place to order from is You! Lingerie, they have fabulous items at even more fabulous prices (and impeccable customer service), and click here for a few other great options too. The little boost these nursing bras give (pun intended) will make you feel that much more put together and pretty when you're feeling less than sexy.



  • Support We are so lucky to have family living nearby, and this perhaps is one of the most important essentials. I'm eternally grateful that I have relatives like my Mom that can pop in to help out, the extra hand is invaluable and so appreciated. Plus having relatives nearby enough to come visit bearing diapers and onesies and oversize stuffed teddy bears for the nursery makes us feel so loved and supported and even luckier than we already feel.