Mamatoga Fit Tip Tuesday: “I’ll Share My Turkey Chili Recipe if You Join Me as a Warrior4LLS!”

Join Mamatoga's Fitness Contributor Jeannine Tromboli as a Warrior4LLS! Here's more info from Jeannine on the campaign. Actually, I am going to share my recipe regardless. It’s what I do. I am, by nature, a giver. I love helping other people live healthier lives and some may think that, from a professional standpoint, I give away far too much without expecting anything in return.

And you know, I did used to worry about that. But the reality is, the more I give to others and the more I contribute to making our society a healthier, happier one, the happier I have become as well.  And everything else seems to just work out. By no means am I a wealthy individual when it comes to finances, but I am really content. So, I think I am onto something worthwhile.

Recently I was asked to take on the Candidacy for the 2012 Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Woman of the Year. Despite my initial hesitancy, I accepted and my “Warriors4LLS” campaign just launched this past Friday. I have 8 weeks to raise my personal campaign goal of $10,000 for this great cause. All the money that I raise will be in honor of our Boy and Girl of the Year, Ben and Rylyn, who you see in this picture with me. They are both survivors, and having met both of them and their families, I can also say that they are remarkable individuals.

As a mother I cannot begin to conceive how I would handle the reality of one of my own children being stricken with a blood cancer. To watch them go through painful yet necessary treatments, to see them too sick to be children and get to do normal things that other kids do, and to worry for their future and if they will even get to have one.

As a fitness professional, I cannot imagine NOT being a part of this campaign. Health is what I advocate for every day. But I am usually advocating for, and aspiring to motivate people who have a CHOICE as to whether they want to live healthier lives or not. These kids and their families, and the many more they represent, don’t get to choose whether or not they get cancer.

The positive aspect is that, with awareness, continuing research, and continued financial support from everyday people like you and I, progress continues to be made in this battle. Significant, real progress. In 1963 there was only a 40% survival rate for victims of Leukemia, Lymphoma, and Myeloma combined. Today, in 2012 there is now a 86.3% survival rate.

Progress has surely been made. Now it’s time we make it 100%.

I always stress to people, when it comes to making positive changes in our lives, that small changes are the most effective. Over the long term, small, consistent changes bring about the most effective, permanent changes long term.

So I am using the same approach for this campaign. If a lot of people just give a little bit, any amount, the end result can be huge and it can help to bring better treatments, an even higher survival rate for this wide spreading disease, permanently. I am looking for sponsors too, if you know of someone, but ANY amount counts and is greatly appreciated.

Please join me as a “Warrior4LLS”.

Help me with this cause and I will continue to provide you with tips and fitness workouts, and recipes, all for free. I am going to do it regardless. It’s my choice. Reading this is yours. I am asking you now, to make just one more.

Here is the link:

Jeannine’s Warriors for LLS

And here is that Turkey Chili recipe!

The recipe calls for 2 pounds of meat, but I only use 1. The rest of the space I fill with my other yummy ingredients.

This is how I make it. You can mix up this recipe any way you want.

I use the Carroll Shelby brand Chili kit.(pictured above) I don’t add the salt or the mesa flour, however. Use any brand you like or season it yourself!

In addition, the recipe on the box calls for 8oz of tomato sauce. I use a whole jar! For that I like to use the Victoria brand Marinara sauce. Why? Because it has no preservatives. Or you can make your own. Or use diced tomatoes…

See where I am going with this?


Chili kit

1 pound ground lean turkey

1 jar tomato sauce

16oz water

3 red peppers

Sliced Bella mushrooms (the more the better)

1 can black beans drained

1 whole onion

Olive oil

  • In one pan I brown the turkey. Drain the fat. Then I follow the seasoning directions on the packet.
  • Add 8oz tomato sauce and 2 cups water, and the spice packet, as well as the cayenne pepper. Cover and let it simmer for about 15 minutes.
  • In the meantime in another pan, using some olive oil, I sauté 1 whole onion, then I add the peppers and mushrooms to the pan and let them cook as well. (use a really BIG pan)
  • Once the meat is done, and everything else is sauted, I combine all of it into one really large ceramic dish.
  • I then add 1 can of black beans and the rest of the sauce from the jar.
  • I stir everything together and there you have at least a week’s worth (for one)of yummy, veggie filled, protein packed, quick to warm and serve anywhere, chili!
  • (For a nice treat sometimes I take a serving of really sharp Irish cheddar and melt it on top!)

And speaking of food, want to see what I bought at the grocery store today? Then hop over to my blog at Real[Fit] Life and take a peek!