Mamatoga Freebie Friday Giveaway: Hot Yoga Saratoga Edition

Happy Friday Mamatogians! As you guys know, I teach a kids yoga class over at Hot Yoga Saratoga (in the NON hot studio people, I don't do Bikram for Babies) on Thursdays from 4:30-5:30 for 4-9 year olds. We put on some good music, get some nice stretching in, play games, chat, dance, have fun, make new friends, and always end our class with a nice long savasana with the night time turtle. And I have to say, savasana is everyone's favorite part believe it or not! I've had students ask if we can do LONGER savasanas! One of the best parts of my class is that at the same time there is a corresponding class going on in the Hot Yoga studio right next door! You can drop your little one off with me for some fun then head next door to get a fabulous hour long workout in! The Hour of Power classes are a great way to try out hot yoga, a little shorter than the usual 90 minute classes, you can get a taste of it before you become addicted like so many of us. Working out while your little one works out? That is mommy multi-tasking at its best! Today I want to give away TWO drop in classes to Hot Yoga Saratoga, one for you and one for your child to try out my class and a Hot Yoga class of your choice. Would you rather use the kids yoga class time to go grab a latte and shop at Piper? No problem, you can use your free class any time! Can't do Thursdays? There is another kids yoga class on Tuesdays taught by the fantastic Justin Wolfer on Tuesdays at the same time (4:30-5:30)! All you have to do is like Hot Yoga on facebook, like me on facebook (if you haven't already), and comment here. I'll pick a winner at random, and I'll be seeing your little one in class soon! Namaste mamas!