Mamatoga How To: Choosing a Cloth Diaper

Welcome back Jenn from Earthy Crunchy Mama for this new guest post on how to choose the right cloth diaper. I'm in this boat myself now as I'm deciding which diapers to use for Baby Jack. I cloth diapered Finn and Lev, but only after they were around 6 months or so (I used gDiapers with Finn and FuzziBunz with Lev). This time I'm starting early, and if you're thinking of cloth diapering read on to find out how to choose the right one! AND once you choose the right diaper, you can join us at the Natural Family Festival for the Great Cloth Diaper Change, April 21st from 10am-4pm at the Sportsplex of Halfmoon!

Cloth Diapers.  How do I choose?

Now that you know the basics the big question is how do you sort through the 100’s of options and choose?  There are 3 crucial factors you should think about when deciding which type of brands.

Cost The most important factor in my mind is cost.  You need to think of how much you want to spend.  If you are looking on the lower end then I tend to steer people towards All-in-2 (AI2) or Cover and Insert style diapers.  If you are allotting a greater budget you can look into AIO and pocket diapers as well.  Another cost factor is sizing.  One Size diapers are a great way to save on costs.  Perfect Fit ones are going to be a larger financial investment - though will likely last for more babies then a One Size Option.


Next, you need to think about how simple your system needs to be.  If you child is in daycare you are likely going to want to look into getting as least some AIO, Pockets or Snap-in-Ones, to make diapering simpler for people who aren’t as comfortable with cloth as you.


Next you should think about what type of materials you would like to use, natural fibers or synthetic.  This comes down to personal preference.  Some people don’t care one way or the other, and some feel very strongly.

Snaps or Velcro This is completely personal preference.  Velcro wears out faster for sure, but it is simpler than snaps, especially with a wiggly toddler.  Snaps do a great job of keeping diapers on babies who like to take off their diapers.  In the end - get a few of each and see what you think

Some additional Factors are:

Warranty Look for brands which offer a warranty which protects you against any manufacturer defects.  All major bands offer some sort of a warranty.

Quality Buy high quality products, even though they are typically more expensive they will hold up better than cheaper diapers, even if they look very similar.  This means they will last for more than one of your kids and that they will have a higher resale value.

Start Small Buy a few to start to see what you like and what you don’t and then buy more.

No matter how much research you do at some point you just need to take the plunge.  Find something you think will work and but a couple.  See how it goes.  If it doesn’t work perfectly, don’t be discouraged, cloth takes so practice.  Send us an email or give us a call and we will help you get sorted out.  We can even help you decide where to start, and walk through the choices with you.

Live near Bennington, VT?  Stop by the store or join us for our monthly Cloth Diaper 101.

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About Jenn: I am the babywearing, cloth diapering, eco-friendly mom behind Earthy Crunchy Mama, which grew out of my desire to create a healthier life for my children. However my most important job is Mom to 2 beautiful boys, Cole (3) and Max (1).