Mamatoga Sunday Brunch: Poached Egg over Creamy Polenta

One of my all time favorite brunch meals ever was at, coincidentally, one of my all time favorite brunch spots in the country, Cheeky's in Palm Springs. Just a few blocks from the house we were staying at, Cheeky's quickly became our number one restaurant and we ate breakfast there nearly every day. One day I decided to branch out and tried a creamy, cheesy polenta dish with a poached egg on top and a sweet tomato sauce. It was INCREDIBLE. Being a poached egg lover that part was of course perfect, but the combination of the sharp parmesan and the sweet tomato was unbelievable. I've tried this recipe at home in a number of different ways and it always turns out fantastic. I've scoured the internet to find you two fabulous eggy polenta recipes. The first, from The Noshery, is a creamy bacon polenta mixed with some freshly grated parmegiano-reggiano. This recipe also gives you a handy little video on how to poach an egg, since that can be a little tricky...

This second recipe, from The Kitchn is a greener take on the dish with an olive-herb pesto, and I love the idea of substituting grueyere for parmesan in this one.

The best part of both of these dishes is that they are great as something different for brunch but would also make a really delicious warming comfort food dinner. Plus you can take the basic components of the dish and add in whatever you want, mushrooms, onions, sweet potato hash, the yummy possibilities are endless.