What's In My (Diaper) Bag

In my younger days when I worked a corporate job that I was less than fond of I would while away some of the spare hours minutes looking at a group of photos on flikr titled "What's In Your Bag?". I'm not sure why I was so fascinated by it, but I always loved seeing the stuff that other people haul around. I've decided to start a little series here where I'll ask unsuspecting Mamatogians I encounter in my everyday life to empty out their bag and share the contents with us. Since this is just my diaper bag this has WAY less stuff than the current large orange Longchamp I'm carrying around (mostly full of Hannaford receipts at the moment) but I'll be doing a "What's In Your Bag" version myself soon. The bag itself is a vintage leather bag I found in a thrift shop in Paris, and it is perfectly worn and soft. It has seen it's fair share of spilled milk and sticky baby hands but it has weathered those storms and come out the other side looking dignified and graceful if I may say so myself. I always have Lansinoh lanolin on hand, it is a LIFESAVER for breastfeeding mamas, and I have a trial size of Honest Balm for baby butts and I also use either for lip balm if I forget my Rosebud Salve, which I usually have since I have about fifteen tins at a time floating around me. A pacifier is a must have with Baby Jack, this one is a Hevea pacifier which I like because it's all natural rubber. In case I'm out and I need to polish myself up a bit I always toss in a bracelet (the only jewelry I wear besides my gold ring necklace) and this Hermes one is simple enough to go with pretty much any outfit and any occasion. I like to include a little scent, and this sampler from Penhaligon's is perfect because one day I feel like wearing Bluebell and one day I feel like Artemesia. Breast pads are of course another breastfeeding must, although I pretty much loathe them and have yet to find a nice disposable brand.

This bottle holder from JJ Cole is fantastic for bringing along bottles of pumped milk without having them spill. Why I'm just finding out about them now is beyond me as, like I said, this bag has seen a LOT of spilled milk already. This little Maileg rattle from Schuyler Pond is beyond cute and although Baby Jack is still too little to appreciate it I'm already in the habit of tucking a little toy in. The little hot pink and pearls necklace from Crew Cuts is for Lev to use as a distraction in case boredom strikes. The Stella McCartney days of the week undies for Lev are in case potty accidents strike, and I have a Joules headband at the ready for her if she needs to get her hair out of her face (which is always).

I keep a little soap box full of crayons and a little pad of paper in there for Levy too, and I always have Honest diapers and wipes. This little Aden + Anais burpy bib is my favorite burp cloth. I keep a pair of sunglasses for Levy in there too, these are heart shaped ones from Baby Gap.

I ALWAYS have an Aden + Anais bamboo swaddler on hand, as you guys well know I'm pretty much obsessed with them (and you are too)! I toss in some extra baby clothes and I'm all set! Tell me YOUR must have baby on the go items!