Mamatoga Loves: Your Toy Portrait

I've been a fan of Jennifer Maher and Your Toy Portrait for a while now and was lucky enough to win her auction item at the Children's Museum Birthday Bash (and by "lucky" I mean that I hovered around said auction item like a hawk and gave threatening glances to anyone who looked like they were coming near it, I WANTED IT). Anyhoo, I was beyond thrilled to win, and even more thrilled when Jennifer said she would paint two toys for our portrait since there are two very much loved stuffed animals in this house, Doggie and BunBun. Jennifer came to the house for a little Doggie and BunBun photo session, which Levy thought was absolutely the coolest thing ever. She informed pretty much everyone we came in contact with that week that "BunBun was getting her portrait done". We confused a lot of people that week. The other fun part was that Jennifer sent us little emails letting us get a peek inside the process of creating the painting, and the excitement built into a fever pitch for us all.

When she came over to drop it off I was blown away by how much I fell in love with it. Not only do the kids love having an actual painting of their two favorite toys, it is so special to me. It is like capturing time on canvas, preserving this moment of their childhood for us all to keep. It is such a sweet painting and incredibly well done, it is still sitting right on my desk and I think I might have to keep it there. I love walking into my kitchen each morning and being greeted by it, it puts a smile on my face every time I see it. And to the kids it's like we have the Mona Lisa right here in our kitchen, Levy declared it the "most masterpiece thing ever", and I couldn't agree more.

To read more about Your Toy Portrait check her blog out here, and find her on facebook here.