Mamatoga Review: Olive My Baby

Two things I absolutely love in a product? All natural ingredients and buying from local businesses, and the fantastic products from Olive My Baby cover those two and much more. I visited their booth this weekend at the Natural Family Festival and came home with a few of their new products to try out on Baby Jack and I'm already hooked. First, a little about this great local business. Olive Naturally began as an innocent mission for founder Kara Scieszka and her family to live a healthier life. A local Clifton Park mom, when she was pregnant with her first child, Kara made a conscious decision to educate herself and be very selective about what things she was putting not only in but also on her body. She was totally in love with the idea of being a Mom and wanted to make sure that she created the best possible environment for her little one to grow.

Eating healthier food was the easy part, the hard part came when she started looking through her bathroom and kitchen cabinets. After doing a little investigating and a lot of research, she quickly discovered that the Cosmetic Industry isn't regulated by the FDA as one might hope or expect. In fact, she found some really disturbing things that were found in common products she used herself and for her family, gross things like chicken embryo, cow amniotic fluid and horse blood.

Even worse than the animal waste products are the synthetic ingredients that can pose serious health risks. Armed with all of this information Kara set out to create a line of products that are safe and, above all, NATURAL! And so Olive Naturally was born, and shortly after came Olive My Baby! I'm a huge fan of natural products myself, especially for the baby's delicate skin, so I was super excited to try this new line.

The first product I tried (actually before I even got home) was the "Soft" Body Lotion. Made with olive oil and aloe vera to soothe baby's skin, the best part of this lotion for me is the absolutely perfect scent. Not too heavy and just subtle enough, it is the sweet yet clean scent of babyhood. Thick without being greasy it does the job of moisturizing without any sticky coated feeling. This one is going in my bathroom for post-shower moisturizing for the whole family and on my nightstand for dry hands. I love the scent so much every time I use it I've been taking little whiffs of it and Sean keeps on asking me why I'm smelling my hands, it's that good.

"Calm", the diaper ointment, comes in a handy little tin, perfect for tossing into a diaper bag without fear that the top is going to flip up and cause a huge mess. Unlike other "calm" products on the market this ointment contains lavender but doesn't SCREAM lavender scent at you. Rather it is a gentle, soothing scent that is more sweet chamomile than sharp lavender. Blended with jojoba oil, rosehip oil and unrefined organic shea butter the best part of this product is that you can also use it if you cloth diaper your baby. The vitamin E, tea tree oil and calendula soothes little butts and a little bit goes a long way. It is also great as a family friendly salve for cuts and scrapes and is perfect to dab on bee stings or insect bites.

The "Cheeky" face balm might just be my favorite of the three I tried though, and not just because of the adorable name. This little pint sized powerhouse stick is a fantastic multi-tasker. Pop off the top and swipe it over dry spots on tricky to cover areas like a baby's forehead or right between those little eyebrows and, of course, little cheeks. Made with my favorite, coconut oil, it also works overtime on adult elbows and rough patches, anything that could use a little sweep of moisture. This is the product to get two or three of, throw one in your purse, your diaper bag and keep one in the bathroom cabinet for easy access.

Like I said, I'm completely hooked on Olive My Baby and can't wait to try all of the products in the line, which has fully earned my Mamatoga Seal of Approval. Want to find out even more about this great locally started line? Tune in to WAMC tomorrow at noon to catch a segment on them on Midday Magazine! You can find it at WAMC-NPR (90.3) at noon tomorrow or listen online at To find them on facebook click here, and to find them online click here.