my weekend in photos...

My "weekend" actually started on Thursday at the fabulous HerLife party, Sean and I had such a great time! Then Saturday was busy busy busy with the Natural Family Festival and Great Cloth Diaper Change and the Grand Opening of Anastasia Photography. We made a stop at the carnival at Wilton Mall before the rain came and then my dear friend Amanda came down to visit and we checked out the brand new Elizabeth's Table, their house blend mocha java coffee was AMAZING as was the chocolate espresso scone, I can't wait to go back for more and the place looked fantastic (love the chandeliers!). We had an early dinner at our favorite the Wishing Well and called it a night. I can't believe I still have all of today to do stuff too! I hope you're all having a great weekend...xoxo Tom Uccellini, Sean and John Witt

Tom and Rachel Uccellini

two cloth diapering dads at the great cloth diaper change

the fabulous cake at the anastasia photography grand opening