Mamatoga Fit Tip: J-Trims Ailments Unveiled: Lyme Disease and Candida. Who knew?

The morning I left Albany for Rhinebeck, I first had coffee with a friend.  I explained with certainty, “I know I don’t have Lyme disease but it will be good to just rule it out.” That was Tuesday morning, last week, the same day I wrote my last post for Mamatoga. I wrote it in the afternoon after I returned home, and had received my diagnoses. I had only taken one dose of my remedies at that point and I wanted to wait and see what happened before I started announcing to the world (well, actually, just some people in the Capital Region who actually read my blog) that I was cured.

Fingers crossed, it has been somewhat of a miraculous recovery.

That morning I went to see a homeopathic specialist, Deb Walker. Deb used a Bio Meridian machine to check for imbalances in my body. (You can read more about it in this Chronogram article in which Deb and some other Lyme specialists are interviewed) I tested positive for both Lyme and Candida. Candida, it turns out, can be a side effect of Lyme and according to the machine's readings, I had it pretty bad.

How bad? I thought I was dying. It sounds dramatic and a little comedic now but these last two months have been extremely scary for me.

In addition to a terrible unexplainable skin rash, I was having severe fatigue, swollen glands, back, groin, and hip ache, constipation and diarrhea (not at the same time, of course), serious memory and concentration issues, and awful bloating.  Other times I would get really “hyped up” and shaky, like I was having a mild anxiety attack, or had WAY too much caffeine, and I was crying all the time. In addition, toward the end, I had lost all motivation for anything. Things that used to bring me joy and get my juices flowing? I now was just a pile of blobby, lumpy clay.

As I wrote, about a week before seeing Deb, I started to think maybe I was clinically depressed. Although to me, that made no sense, because with everything I have been through in the last couple years, all the difficulties, now that my life was actually coming together, why would I be depressed now?

Deb gave me two homeopathic remedies to take, one for the Lyme and some drops for the Candida. She told me to take them three times a day. As soon as I left her office and got in my car I took my first dose. That evening I took another and I did notice I had a LOT of energy. I knew the remedies couldn’t work that fast so I chalked it up to elated relief that I wasn’t dying.

The next morning I woke up, without an alarm, at 6am. I jumped out of bed and started my day the way I used to. Breakfast, laundry, dishes, lunch for the boys, some writing…like the way I used to be!

I could not believe how good I felt. I kept telling myself, this cannot be. Can it?

That afternoon I gave Deb a call. She had told me I would know if it was working or not, but she didn’t explain exactly what that meant. When she answered the phone I asked her, “is this a placebo affect or can I really be feeling this much better this quickly?” Deb told me it absolutely was possible.

Keep in mind, this is not always the case, and as Deb also explained, I may hit some dips or declines still, but to keep paying attention to how I feel and to keep in touch with her.

For now, it’s working.

The other thing I will say. I had not realized how bad I really was until I actually felt better. I had forgotten what the old me was really like. For so long, because so many of my symptoms and ailments seemed so erratic and random, I tried to validate everything and downplay the seriousness of what was going on.

It’s really good to have the old me back. Really, really, good.


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