Mamatoga Fit Tip Tuesday from Jeannine Trimboli: Listen to Your Trainer

When someone asks me for my professional advice, I give it. When someone asks me to help them achieve the goals that forever seem to elude them, I tell them what to do. And I don’t mean I give them a vague, big, overall picture, and let them fill in the spaces. I give very detailed, easy to follow, no opportunity for miscommunication, instructions.

Then the questions come. These questions are usually centered around habits this particular person has been practicing. Sometimes the questions are centered around food. Sometimes the questions are centered around exercise.

But the desired outcome is always the same. I am being asked to validate these past choices and tell that person to just keep doing what they have been doing all along…

Ummm, no?

Just doing more of what you have already been doing is not going to magically work one day if it isn’t working now.

My mere presence as a fitness professional is not going to be the magic bullet that takes all your past actions and makes them suddenly work.

Sometimes it is necessary to swallow the ego and just throw ones hands up in the air and say “I am all yours. Tell me what to do. Tell me how to do it. Because clearly my way is not working.”

Would anyone ever dream of going in for knee surgery and suggesting to the doctor that she let them do the operating? “That’s okay doc, you just stand there and supervise, I think I can fix this meniscus.”

Hmm, why hire a specialist if you just want to do everything exactly the way you have all along?

Your body is a highly technical, intricate piece of equipment, and the longer you have mistreated it and neglected it, the more radical a departure you will most likely need to make from your “routines” and “habits” in order to see positive, real, lasting change.

Square one will be your starting point.

So please, let’s get the stories of your all-star moments in high school out now. Let’s sit down so you can tell me all about the size you used to be two summers ago and how you just have to be that size again. Let me hear about all the cardio you’ve done and the diets you’ve tried. Tell me about the other people you’ve trained with, the fad classes you took, and exactly what you think you need.

Let’s get it all out and then leave it at the door.

Because once we start your process of change, you are all mine.

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