Mamatoga Loves: Cody's Fresh Foods

When I first heard about Cody's Fresh Foods this was my immediate thought process: Organic and local fresh produce delivered? YES PLEASE! I signed up immediately and eagerly awaited my first box, which came on Saturday:

In our order, a "Cody One" all veggie box we got a bunch of arugula, a bunch of kale, three red peppers, a bag of white mushrooms, a bunch of asparagus and three tomatoes.

The way it works is super simple. You head to their website here and sign up for home delivery. You pick out which size you want and whether you want All Veggie, All Fruit, or Half Veggie & Half Fruit. You can check out what will be in the boxes delivered that week by clicking here. They have four sizes to choose from:

  • Cody One $29
  • Cody Two $39
  • Cody Three $56
  • Cody Four $ 74

You can also add items from their shop here, stuff like farm fresh local eggs, organic goat cheese and local fresh bread. The bread they offer is made at Forno Restaurant in Saratoga Springs and their eggs are from a small chicken farm in the Town of Kingsbury located in Washington County. They also source their maples syrup from Doc's, which is located in Woodhull, NY and they are now thinking about putting together a breakfast box to accommodate all of these offerings. Once you've picked out everything you want, Cody's will deliver your box right to your doorstep every Saturday! Click here to see if Cody's delivers to your area. There are no membership fees and you don't have to purchase monthly or seasonal blocks at a time. You can stop or hold deliveries whenever you like.

I recently got the chance to chat with Brandon Kommer, who co-founded Cody's Fresh Foods with his brother Kyle. The two local men named the company in honor of their brother, Cody, who passed away as a teenager. Family is very important to the two brothers, and Brandon told me how their venture with Cody's Fresh Food's started for a number of reasons. "Since I was sixteen, I have been into eating healthy and healthy living. As I got older, due to my schedule I wasn't able to eat right and it bothered me. My family and I then got involved in a wellness program in our local area. As time went on, Kyle and I started to learned what was really is in our foods and we realized that we wanted to do something together that would allow for us to support a healthier lifestyle. I used to be a daily shopper, I would go to the grocery store every day and stand in the produce aisles trying to figure out what items I should get for dinner that night. I would look around and watch numerous people pick through over processed produce, produce that wasn't ripe or just a lack thereof. After talking to Kyle about my daily shopping experiences we both realized that we should start a produce company that would offer a high quality, fresh produce to customers."

Cody's works very closely with their suppliers to get certified organic products, and up to this point, every produce item that they source has been certified organic. In the future, they will also be working with farms that are not certified organic, but practice organic methods. This means that their products are truly organic, but they just have not been certified by the USDA. The sole reason is due to the very high cost farmers incur every year to pay to the USDA to become certified. In some cases, the high costs could be detrimental to some of the smaller farms. Brandon assured me that every produce item that they source will be organic.

Brandon and Kyle strongly agree on two things: "One, we agree in supporting locally and two, we believe that eating right is most important. We believe that being able to offer a variety of produce to our customers such as bananas, pineapples and oranges is just as important as sourcing locally. So we try very hard to get as many products as we can close to the local market, as the seasons will allow for. When we are in the right seasons you will see more products sourced closer to home".

I love the idea of not only eating healthier, but being able to participate directly in the growing movement away from having our food and health controlled by private corporations, who might not have our families' health as a top priority. The Kommer's thoughtful approach to providing customers with healthy food with a ton of convenience for busy families is really exciting. I plan on using Cody's as part of my local food shopping, along with the Saratoga Farmers' Market and King Brothers Dairy. Local families supporting other local families in an effort to eat healthier? Couldn't be better.

*Wednesdays at 11pm is the cut off to put your order in for the week (delivered on Saturday) so go check them out now and sign up!