Stuff I Love: Bonne Maman Drinking Glasses

As I was putting my dishes away this morning I realized I have a LOT of empty Bonne Maman jars. It's my absolute favorite jam to use (I'm a cherry preserves person, Finn's a strawberry man) and once they're empty I just wash them out, peel off the label and use them as drinking glasses for the kids (and an occasional wine glass por moi). I like that I don't have to worry about the kids breaking more expensive glasses, and I like that they aren't using plastic that gets more and more questionable every time you wash it, even if it does say it is bad chemical free. Just a nice, simple glass container. Also, I'm recycling! Or upcyling. One of the cyclings for sure. Plus they're just pretty, and if you keep the cute red gingham printed tops you can use them to store whatever you want. I love it.