The Mom Style Files: The Moho

What is a Moho you ask? Why, it's the Boho Mom of course! Let's explore the Moho's style (I'm a part time Moho myself actually). Now remember, all of these Mom Style Files are written with my tongue firmly in cheek. Any resemblance to actual persons is purely coincidental...xoxo THE MOHO

Natural Habitat: Four Seasons, the Farmers' Market, Saratoga Beads, Mixtapes & Mixology at Max London's on Friday night, Minky Mink, Piper Boutique, Hot Yoga Saratoga

Moho Diaper Bag:

Overheard during a Moho conversation:

"Is that local organic?"

"Do you know when you'll get more flax milk in?"

On the Moho Wishlist:

Moho Hairstyle:


In the Moho Diaper Bag:

  • cloth diaper and wet bag
  • Burt's Bees diaper balm
  • natural maple wooden teether
  • essential oil
  • Rescue Remedy spray
  • all natural fruit strips

Moho Style Icon:

Moho Dream Vacation:

Moho Crush:

Moho Secret:

Loves Toddlers and Tiaras

Classic Moho: