Dream Big, Read! How to Keep Kids Reading All Summer with Saratoga Springs Public Library

Finn has made such amazing progress with his reading this year I want to make sure he keeps up the good work throughout the summer, and luckily enough our very own Saratoga Springs Public Library has an amazing program for kids this summer. With their Summer Reading Club kids as young as 3 can take part and earn prizes for reading. It couldn't be easier, all you do is either stop in the library to register in person or register online right here. The fun part is that even pre-readers can take part in this program. You simply log the number of minutes spent reading, either being read to or the child reading on their own. You can log your minutes online or in person at the library. If you log minutes online there is a little alert when your child has reached a prize level and you simply head into the library to claim the prize! The library has "Book Buddies" there that your child can talk to about the book or books they read as part of claiming their prize. There are 21 different prizes and they go in sequence. There are three different levels:

  • Ages 3 through third grade have to read (or be read to) for 60 minutes for each prize.
  • Kids in 4th through 6th grade need to read for 120 minutes for each prize.
  • For the Teen reading program they are doing it by books instead of minutes, after every two books they can get a prize.

Since the theme this year is "Dream Big, Read!" a lot of the prizes have a glow in the dark element, there are glow in the dark sunglasses and beach balls, airplane gliders and other fun toys. There are also lots of great prizes donated by local businesses. Bruegger's, Ben & Jerry's, and Stewart's have all donated coupons for free treats. Plus the Racing Museum, the Dance Museum and the Children's Museum at Saratoga have all donated free passes as well. The teen readers have their own prizes like lip gloss and teen level books. If your child doesn't like the prize they receive they can always choose a book instead. The library's own cafe Higher Grounds Caffè and their Book Bag Shop have also donated items to be used as prizes.

Another great part is that the books don't have to be books checked out from the library, they can be your own books at home. You can even log minutes of reading from magazines too, if you're sitting waiting at an appointment have your child read a quick article, or read it to them, and log those minutes! This is a really great way to get kids excited about reading and keeping it going throughout the summer. Kids can even work towards a Grand Prize goal. For pre-K to 3rd grade kids need to log 1500 minutes for the entire summer, for grades 4th-6th it is 3000 minutes for summer and prizes include great bubble wands and kites.

You can start anytime and log as many minutes as you want and the program ends on August 31st. Click here for even more tips on how to keep kids reading over the summer, and get the kids started with the Summer Reading Club today!