Introducing: PURSE WARS!

You accumulate many things as a mom: little socks, wrappers, Matchbox cars, rocks, all kinds of stuff. And most of those treasures wind up inside a purse. Recently my friends and I have been playing a little game originally titled "Who Has More Random Crap in their Bag" but shortened here to "Purse Wars". The game is simple, you upend your purse onto the nearest flat surface, laugh about the random items you have collected with the help of the small people in your life and see who has the best random collection. In this first edition it is Me vs. Jenn, you be the judges. In my large orange Longchamp (this wasn't the entire contents mind you, we were in a restaurant so we practiced some decorum and only chose the most random):

  • an old baby sock
  • a schedule for Saratoga Polo
  • Pokemon cards (one of three little stacks, Finn was excited that I had "found" them)
  • the program from the Yaddo benefit AND the clutch purse I took to the benefit (the purse was inside my bigger purse)
  • an unvalidated parking ticket from a visit to Baby Gap

In Jenn's hot pink Longchamp (mom of four year old twins):

  • the ubiquitous children's sock
  • hair curlers
  • Matchbox car
  • Empty Five Hour Energy bottle (there were multiple empties)
  • the adorable clutch purse that she got in Nantucket that I want to steal from her
  • an unwrapped, unchewed piece of cinnamon Trident
  • a bottle of Arbonne Extra Moisture Restorative Day Creme SPF 20

I think the winner is clear, she clinched it with the hair curlers and the Five Hour Energy bottles, but I want to see your Purse Wars! Send me your pictures on facebook of your random mom stuff and win!