Mamatoga Meatless Monday: Ode to the Humble Grilled Cheese

Let's face it. Some days you're doing the Mom octopus arm juggle with a thousand things going on in one day and all of a sudden, POOF, it's dinner time. AND you have nothing planned. Enter The Grilled Cheese. Beloved by many, easy to make, and even easier to customize, the possibilities with the humble grilled cheese are truly endless. It is a perfect Meatless Monday crowd pleaser, kids love them just as much as grown ups, and it can turn into a lot of fun coming up with new twists on this old favorite. Here I'm going to give you my Top Five grilled cheese recipes to give you some inspiration on how to elevate this kiddie staple with some real panache. Simply click on the photos to bring you to the recipe, and enjoy! xoxo