Summer Treats Pinterest Style

Ah, Pinterest. What would I do without you? You help me procrastinate and sometimes you actually help me find stuff to make! This week, since it is the FIRST DAY OF SUMMER and coincidentally a thousand degrees out I have been looking up fun ways to make my own ice pops. And guess what? I found a bunch that are good for the kids and some that are good for you when the kids go to bed (or maybe before they go to bed if it's been that kind of day)! Here are my Top Picks for Pops from Pinterest (try saying that five times fast after a couple margarita pops)... Kid Pops

I love Sweet Paul and I love these pineapple paletas even more...

Just as healthy as they are pretty to look at, these fruit pops from lilsugar are also super easy to make.

These flag pops are perfect for July 4th

Try freezing up these gluten free coconut water ice pops for a fun way to hydrate during those hot days.

These watermelon pops are super cute AND only 78 calories, I swear.

Parent Pops

Champagne ice pops? Why did it take me this long to find out these existed?!

How about some watermelon mojito pops...

I am fully on board with Emeril and these margarita ice pops

These strawberry peach vodka collins pops would be a nice sweet treat on the deck...

This post would not be complete without at least ONE wine slushy recipe, so here you go, and get out there and enjoy the summer!