The Mom Style Files: The Pool Mom

It's that time of year again, the time when moms will descend on the local pools, lugging beach bags the size of small european cars packed with all the essentials. School is almost out so grab your favorite floaty and let's take a dip with The Pool Mom. THE POOL MOM

Natural Habitat: McGregor Links Country Club, Peerless Pool (with kids), Victoria Pool (without kids), Saratoga Golf and Polo Club

Overheard during a Pool Mom conversation:

"Go ahead honey! I'm watching, wow GREAT cannonball sweetie!"

"Wait, wait, I didn't get sunscreen on your face!"

"So have you read Fifty Shades of Grey yet?"

Pool Mom's Beach Bag:












In the Pool Mom Beach Bag:

  • three canisters of spray sunscreen: one that works, one that is full but doesn't spray for some reason, one that is empty and has been for a while
  • a waterlogged copy of US magazine
  • two naked Barbie dolls who "like to swim"
  • assorted pairs of children's underwear
  • a completely flattened granola bar

On the Pool Mom's Wishlist:



The Pool Mom Style Icon:


Pool Mom Crush:


Pool Mom Secret:

"Dinner" that night will consist of goldfish crackers eaten in the car because the kids fall asleep on the way home...