Mamatoga Fit Tip with Jeannine Trimboli: J-Trim’s Quick and Challenging Cardio Circuit

It’s summer and there are lots of thing to do. Why not get outside AND get a workout in? This workout requires no equipment.

This workout only takes about twenty minutes to complete.

This workout will leave you feeling like you worked out for an hour. (if you give it your ALL)

I think that eliminates any opportunity for excuses.

My No-excuses Summer Cardio Circuit:

Click on the highlighted exercise names to watch the “how to” videos.

  1. Speed drill :: 10 yards :: 4 sets
  2. X jumps :: 10 seconds :: 4 sets
  3. Squat thrusts :: 30 seconds :: 2 sets
  4. Squat jumps :: 6 jumps :: 2 sets

(Perform exercise number one for all four sets before moving to exercise number two. Perform that for the suggested number of sets and then go to number three, and so on.

You should rest for just enough time between sets and exercises to catch your breath, that’s it. Once you complete all sets for all four exercises, rest for two minutes. Then, if you have the time and energy, repeat a second time.

You can time yourself. Over time, try to shave some seconds (or minutes!) off your personal best.

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Now get out there!