Mamatoga Fit Tip with Jeannine Trimboli: J-trim’s Quick and Challenging Strength Workout

A couple weeks ago I shared a quick and challenging circuit workout with all of you Mamatoga readers.  Today I am also going to give you a strength workout that you can perform with minimal equipment. You should be able to complete this workout in 30 minutes, warm up included. You can do this series of exercises twice a week to get a great strengthening session in from head to toe.

You will need some weights to perform these exercises. They are a great investment, and handy to have around the house for future workouts as well!

These exercises alternate an upper body and lower body focus so you can decrease rest time between exercises and sets.

Start with a thorough warm up.

Active calf stretch: 10 each side

Hand walks: 6 times

Elevated push ups: 10 times

Squat to stand: 6 times

Glute bridge with marching knees: 10 sets


Perform Set 1, a. and b. in order, repeat them a second time, then go to Set number 2, do the same, and so on until you complete all three sets of exercises.

Set 1

1. Single arm chest press :: 10 reps each arm :: rest 60 second

If you aren’t ready to perform these with your torso off the bench, then rest your whole torso on the bench, feet on the ground.

1. Assisted single leg squats :: 10 reps each leg :: rest 60 seconds

If you aren’t ready for single leg squats, do 12 reps of assisted traditional squats, with both feet on the ground.

Set 2

1. Single arm row :: 10 reps each arm :: rest 60 seconds

2. Russian twists :: 10 reps (left to right is 1 rep) :: rest 60 seconds

Set 3

1. Single leg curl to press :: 5 reps each side :: rest 60 seconds

To modify these, if you have trouble balancing, you could first do a traditional curl to press with both feet on the ground, shoulders back, knees slightly bent.

1. Bulgarian split squats :: 5 reps each leg :: rest 60 seconds

To modify, you can place your foot on a lower bench starting out, or just do traditional split squats with both feet on the ground. If you need to make either squat variation more challenging, place weights in your hands, shoulders back, and arms down at your sides.

You are going to need a variety of weights to do these exercises. As you get stronger you will need to keep increasing the amount of weight your use. For the chest (presses) and back (rows) work, don’t be afraid to go with heavier weights than you do for your curl to press (shoulders).

Any time your body has less support, (standing on one leg, body off the bench) this will automatically increase the difficulty of the exercise, so if you HAVE done these exercises before, but in a more traditional way (with more support) expect to lessen the amount of weight you try to lift initially.

And if you haven’t started following my 30 day Vegan food log yet, you can go here to see it! Lots of great, yummy food ideas that are easy to make, and healthy, whether you are vegan or not!

Now get out there!