Mamatoga Fit Tip from Jeannine Trimboli: Summertime...How to Balance Time with the Kids and Still Fit in Fitness.

School just let out and like most parents, my schedule has been drastically tightened in regards to “mom time”. I am finding myself sacrificing some of the workouts I have planned and exchanging them for something else active that involves the kids. The one activity we all seem to equally enjoy and agree upon is swimming. Just splashing around in the pool may be fun but there are actual exercises you can do in the pool, shallow or deep, that provide more of a cardio challenge and some strengthening benefits as well.

This past week my daughter and I tried out my new Canon camera which is waterproof. I performed some water exercises and she helped to video them from underwater. You can go to my Real [Fit] Life page to watch them and read the how to instructions.

I will be making more of these over the coming month or so.

Working out in the water has a lot of benefits. For people who are heavier, or have joint pain due to a medical condition, the water offers a safe environment, and the buoyancy provided eliminates impact in the deep end. It also considerably buffers it in the shallow end.

Back when I first started exercising in the deep end I didn’t understand how to manipulate the water with my body. I also didn’t have the core strength to perform the movements and still stay afloat, or not lean forward or backward.

Alignment is just as important in the water as it is on land so still pay attention to my instructions that I give on my Real [Fit] Life page.

If you need assistance, you can always wear an aqua jogger belt (I love these), or use a pool noodle. I prefer the belt for most exercises because it frees up your hand and arms.

All of the videos I show this week are for deep water but we will also be looking at shallow water exercises in the future. So if you have a fear of the deep end as some people do, stay tuned for more in the weeks to come.

I love working out at the gym but when things don’t go as I planned with my schedule I try to remind myself that many moments in my day offer an opportunity to get some kind of a workout in, even if it wasn’t the one I originally had in mind.

So be sure to check my how to aqua videos on my Real [Fit] Life page, and stay cool.

Now get out there!