Down Time Pinterest Crafts for Summer Kids

Everyone loves the summer-pools, sprinklers, festivals and more. We spend a lot of time outdoors, running around, getting hot and tired out but we also need to make sure kids get some down time as well to prevent meltdowns. Once again I've scoured Pinterest for you readers to find the best crafts for kids when they need a time out from fun in the sun. 1. DIY Personalized Memory Game This craft from Say Yes to Hoboken is easy to make and the best part is you can customize it however you want. You can help your little one make the cards or have them make their own. A nice, easy way to whip up some quiet time for you and your child.

2. These sweet little boats from Lilla A Design are perfect for some indoor time, and once they're done you can get back out there and set them to sail on the little pond at Skidmore, perfection.

3. I love love LOVE these little hot air balloons from bloesem kids, this is one of those crafts that turn into magic for little kids, creating those memories that last much longer than the summer.

4. Every craft post needs a little Martha, and she does not disappoint with these super cute shell koalas. Pick up the supplies during your trip to the beach and when your little one needs some shade these are fun and easy to put together.

5. Friendship bracelets! I LOVED making these growing up and can remember having about fifteen on my arm during my summers at the swim club. We would literally spend hours making these, and they were always treasured. This is for sure one craft I want my kids to do, and to share with their friends. I might even have to make a few for myself...