Name Bubbles Back to School Giveaway!

If you have kids, you need Name Bubbles. These waterproof labels are durable for all conditions, made for the dishwasher, laundry, and microwave they are perfect for those water bottles, backpacks, lunchboxes, hoodies, mittens, jackets, shoes and everything else you want to hold on to. Last year was our first year using Name Bubbles and I couldn't have been happier with them. I gathered all of Finn's brand spanking new school gear and went to TOWN labeling the stuff. Inside of the backpack, inside of the shoes, lunch box, pencil case, you name it. If he was wearing it or it had a flat enough surface it was getting "bubbled up". And as the seasons changed I would break out the Bubbles. Mittens? Labeled. Hat, snow pants, boots, all labeled. There were multiple times I would be watching Finn walk down the driveway and I would realize there was something not labeled and I'd be running after him, waving a Name Bubble on the end of my finger looking like a crazy person saying "WAIT! It's not labeled!". And let me tell you we didn't lose ONE THING. Not one mitten, or hat or water bottle. Sure, Finn would leave these things literally everywhere, but I knew they'd find their way back because of these labels. We somehow made it through the winter with only two pairs of mittens, something we have NEVER done before! They saved my sanity (being a first time kindergarten parent) and they saved me money because I didn't need to keep replacing items.

Add on the fact that they are super cute AND they are a local company and they truly are the must have back to school item. I'm going to give one lucky winner a FREE School Pack of labels AND a FREE pack of Lunchbox labels, you'll get to personalize your labels and they'll get them to you just in time for Back to School! To enter just comment below and tell me why you NEED these awesome labels, and I will pick one winner at random on Friday.

To learn more about Name Bubbles check them out here, and also check them out in the upcoming issue of Mamatoga Magazine coming out in September. I'll be featuring the women of Name Bubbles (moms too!) and also will be talking about kids with food allergies, Name Bubbles are PERFECT for kids with allergies and can help keep them safe too. So go enter now, and happy bubbling!