Mamatoga Fit Tip with Jeannine Trimboli: Fitness for the Whole Family

Yesterday I had a great phone conversation with Camille Diamond, the Director of Membership for the 14th St Y on the East side in Manhattan. Camille found me through a Google search when she was looking for some family fitness ideas for the members at the 14th St Y. Since that time we have started discussing ways we can help one another to promote family fitness.

Some of my ideas I presented are not all that original to me, in my mind. But you know, like everything else in life, I think it just helps to have reminders.

Every moment you are with your kids is an opportunity to be actively doing something. It is our job as parents to actually get them involved in the activities we are doing, whether it be cooking a healthy meal, going for a walk or bike ride, getting in a quick workout, or playing on the playground.

And parents, please get off those benches, and put those cell phones away when you are “spending quality time” with your kids. It is so easy to slip into the trap of working all the time with the technology we have available to us. Schedule the time you are setting aside for family time and stick to your schedule just like you would any other appointment.

I know, for myself, learning to be more “present” when my kids are in my presence, no matter how much work needs to get done, is always a challenge, but important.

I went through the exercise videos I have posted over the last year or so and picked out the ones I think would be the most fun for parents and kids to do together.

(It has been brought to my attention that my idea of fun is not always seen as “normal”, but hey, I’m a fitness professional!)

So here you go!

Video #1 Sliding Mountain Climbers (with paper plates)

Video #2 Crocodile Walks (with paper plates)

Video #3 Squat jumps

Video #4 X Jumps

Video #5 Assisted Chin Up

Camille and I are planning to collaborate a bit in the near future, so as we come up with more family fitness tips and ideas, I will be sure to also pass them along to you.

Now get out there!