Mamatoga Fit Tip with Jeannine Trimboli: Personal Training: Who is it for?

I recently wrote about an upcoming 6 week boot camp program that I am offering locally, on my Real [Fit] Life blog. I also created and event invite for it on facebook , invited people, and talked about it on my Real [Fit] Life page. The responses usually fall into three distinct categories: people who are really excited to try it, people who are moderately hesitant yet curious and ask questions, and the people who just feel they are NOT ready.

I always find the psychology behind fitness and people’s perceptions of it fascinating. I also love the challenge of changing people minds. But first, you have to be able to change their perceptions.

Many people are familiar with the joke, the “I need to get in better shape before I join a gym” mentality. People really think this way! I know I have been guilty on occasion, in my younger years. After having a child, I never considered going to a fitness center immediately. I always wanted to lose the baby weight first, and THEN I could go to a gym and work out.

Looking back at that logic, I realize that my choice to hold off was solely based on my dissatisfaction with being a certain size. I felt I had to look “fit”. Wow, has my whole opinion on THAT changed.

Looking back at my then (ir)-rationalization, I know I would never think that way now.

I train a lot of people every week. Some people I train in groups, some I train one- on -one, and for some people I create at- home program designs, and visit them from time to time to make sure they are on task, doing things properly, and progressing appropriately.

When I think about all of the people I train, especially the ones who have been with me for a good amount of time, they all fit the profile of average everyday people. They range age, weight,  body type, and fitness level.  And no matter what size or level of ability any of my clients are, they ALL have made amazing progress. I am thrilled to have a client base that actually resembles, as a whole, the demographics of REAL people.

They do push -ups, lunges, squats, deadlifts, you name it. All of them. And they all do it well!

If you are someone who feels you would really like to start a workout program, or join a fitness training group of some sort, but you don’t think you are ready, ask yourself why? Is your rationalization based on facts? Or is it based upon hesitancy and fear?

Everyone feels self-conscious starting out. It’s important to know that.  Any time I go to a new gym, or try a new exercise in front of group of mostly strangers, I get nervous too. It’s completely normal and it’s a hurdle you just have to get over.

To help you get over that hurdle, find a trainer you trust, someone you genuinely like when you meet them. A trainer is there to push you physically but should also understand you, nurture you, and take the time to make sure you are feeling okay with it all. Fitness isn’t just about the physical component.

A well skilled fitness trainer will be able to accommodate your needs NOW so that, while you may work HARD, you will also feel successful. If you walk out of a session feeling like you couldn’t do a single exercise or even moderately keep up, then it’s the trainer that failed, NOT you.

Not every person can or should be doing the exact same workout the exact same way. Everyone’s needs vary, all the time, no matter what level of fitness they possess.

So who is personal training for?

It’s for you!

Now get out there!