Mamatoga Loves: The 3rd Annual McCarthy Family Lemonade Stand to Raise Funds for Pediatric Cancer Research

One of my favorite fundraising events of the summer is the 3rd Annual McCarthy Family Lemonade Stand, which raises funds to for pediatric cancer research. Happening right in front of G. Willikers on Travers Eve, Friday, August 24th from 2 to 10pm, stop by and buy some lemonade to help this family raise funds for this incredibly worthy cause. I recently spoke with Paige McCarthy about what inspired her and her family to start the stand. Paige: After losing my  sister, Kriss Lawless Damon,  to cancer 8 years ago I kept looking for a way to give back in her honor. In 2010 I bought an Alex's Lemonade at Putnam Market and read about this amazing organization on the bottle. I did some research and was so excited I started planning a stand right away. The story of Alex is so inspiring and I knew it was something my sister would have loved as well. The first year I was hoping to raise $500 and we raised $1,500!

My husband, Peter, and I believe it is important to give back in any way you can so having the lemonade stand is something our kids can really be involved with and feel good about. It teaches them to give back, helps keep Aunt Krissy's memory alive and brings us together as a family. It is something we are all proud to do.

The community support just gets better and better every year.  People remembered us from the year before and were excited to give again. Our family and friends have been incredible with their time and donations! G. Willikers was extremely generous in letting us have our stand outside their shop on the busiest day of the year! I was thrilled when they offered to help us and suggested Travers Eve. We raised $800 in 4 to 5 hours last year there. They are happily hosting us again this year and we can't wait.

So come out and support the McCarthy Family Lemonade Stand on Friday August 24th from 2 to 10pm outside G. Willikers Toy Store right on Broadway. If you can't make it you can still support their efforts online right here.

I've got even more info on the stand in my video with Modern Mix Marketing right here, let's help them exceed their goal this year Saratogians!