Mamatoga's Hump Day VENT SESSION: Open to Everyone

Well it's Wednesday, middle of the week. Lunches have been packed, dinners have been made, messes cleaned up and laundry done. Or mostly done. Maybe you're about to restart the dryer just to give yourself a little bit more time before faced with the folding and putting away, maybe there are clean dishes now being rewashed in your dishwasher because you just can't bring yourself to put them away. Or maybe you're on top of everything (goodie for you)! Either way, a little vent makes us all feel a lot better. Sometimes just putting it out there makes it that much easier to just get past it. And here, this is a NO JUDGMENT ZONE. I WILL ban you if you pass judgment on a mom here, rest assured (I pretty much hold all the ban power which I shall wield at my own will, fyi). This is a nice safe place to just let it all out, to commiserate, to find support, and maybe to have a laugh about this shared experience we are all in called parenting. So, let it all out. Is your husband making you insane? Do you feel like saying you don't really like your three year old today? Do you feel like unfriending half of your facebook friends? Remember, a vent can be about whatever is bothering you, big or small. I personally have vented about the lack of Dove bars at Hannaford (when I was pregnant, and by "vent" I mean I may have accidentally yelled at an innocent stock boy, I blame hormones) So, log in anonymously (or however you would like) and let's hear it! [quick-chat height="400" room="default" userlist="1" userlist_position="left" smilies="1" send_button="0" loggedin_visible="1" guests_visible="1" avatars="1" counter="1"]