My Mom Life: Katie Gorsky

The daughter of a Circus Ringmaster/Producer & a NICU nurse, Katie Gorsky is the wife of Dairy, Hay & Grain Farmer Wayne Gorsky, mom of Joey, 10 and George 1.  She's just as comfortable driving a truck in a corn field as in Times Square and has done both in the same day.  In between battling a brain injury and attempting to keep up with laundry, dishes and perpetual vacuuming (farm boys have LOTS of dirt) Katie manages her own Tupperware team from their Saratoga County home. What is your typical schedule like during the week? Our weekday mornings begin around 7:30 with the hubby and Joey getting ready for work/school and George and I getting ready for our adventures.  By 9 it’s George & I, I tidy up, I make lists, we read books, play with balls, drive tractors in the living room before heading out on the deck to climb on slides and get wiggles out.  Somewhere around 11:30-12 there is a snack and nap time for the boy.  While he naps I finish up the tidying, scratch things off my list, rotate laundry, check emails, eat “breakfast”…sometimes, service clients, work on the budget, plan projects, bake, preserve and whatever else is calling my undivided attention.  Post-nap is onto more playing and reading, George’s lunch and such.  Joey arrives home around 3:30 to have a snack, get the mail, and do homework until it’s time for his chores, playtime and dinner.  Both boys are in bed by 8.  Then I work on prepping dinner, blogging, researching, Tupperware, whatever I didn’t get scratched off the list during the day.  The hubby arrives home anywhere between 10 & 12 midnight we have dinner, catch up and crash around 1ish.

Of course, that’s a typical day.  Those happen…oh….twice a week?  Most of the time there are wood deliveries, farm visits, farm equipment part retrieval, Joey doing evening chores (feeding all the calves at the farm and helping to milk the cows), 4H, and other delightful distractions:) There are always lists though, always.

What do you find tricky about your current set-up/schedule? What would you change if you could?  The trickiest part is finding a budget balance during the week between staying put (saving gas) and the boys not seeing Daddy other than 5 minutes in the morning.  Living at/near the farm would eliminate that conundrum, but isn’t a current opportunity.

What do you like best about your current set-up/schedule?  That coffee is not optional?  :)  I get to spend time with my boys, work my Tupperware business around their needs, I have the flexibility to help my hubby when he needs me and my boys see firsthand what life/work/responsibility looks like.

What are some of your top must have products for the parenting part of your life? What are some non-mom must haves?  Must haves?  CAR!  (We’re 12 miles from the farm, I drive a lot/way more than I’d like to.)  Amazon Prime—I love shopping local.  When something isn’t available locally I pop on Amazon and it’s on my porch in two days, sometimes the next morning.  It costs $5 in gas to run to Target…Prime is a huge budget helper in $4 gas land.  My mobile phone that I never talk on—it keeps me connected to the world via fb/text/email, on top of customer needs, trackable when the hubby needs a part picked up or lunch delivered; it’s my phone, gps, amazon-enabler, camera, and pretty much how I look like I accomplish anything with a brain injury and a 1yr old.

If you had an extra hour in the day you would spend it…?  I don’t think every day would be the same.  Sometimes sleep, sometimes scratching things off my list, writing more notes to random people in my address book (The people aren’t random, I know them.  I started a few years ago dropping a few notes in the mail every month to a few of my friends and family, I didn’t like Christmas being the only time I sent notes.)  Oh…maybe I would *finally* attack the baskets of pictures that need to be introduced to the albums I’ve already bought and are sitting next to said baskets.  Someday I will actually sew again and my Aunt Anne says I need to take a quilting class.  She’s right.

What advice would you give to other moms about how to balance work and life? Do what works!  While I’d be okay if my hubby had one day a week/month/year off, our scheduling works for us.  Don’t worry about fitting into a cookie cutter or measuring up next to the Jones’.  With your partner discuss your goals, write them down and work toward them.  It is about finding YOUR right balance, not someone else’s.

Is there anything you find yourself doing as a parent that you swore you would never do before you had kids?  Scooping soggy ceral/pasta/mystery mush out of the kitchen sink drain.  I still think it’s gross, but my mom lives in Florida…I can’t wait for her to do it!

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